10 Gray Bob Ideas for Fabulous Hair at Any Age

Embracing your gray hair may seem limiting, but thanks to some of today’s biggest hair trends, there are more options than ever. You can opt for subtle herringbone highlights or play with cool-girl skunk hair. But one of the most enticing options is chopping off your locks to sport a gray bob, which can be freeing in a world where women are constantly expected to go over their roots with box dye every month. You can embrace your grey hair without having to sport a Miranda Priestly-style shag or pixie cut to transition into a silver shade. And the trends don’t lie—bobs are the hottest summer haircut of the moment. 

If you’re ready to make the chop, The most important thing about sporting a gray bob is hydration: “The loss of pigment in the hair can cause a texture change that could mean coarse and unruly for some, while others may experience a softer texture,” Chase Kusero, co-founder of IGK Hair Care said. “Typically the hair tends to get more coarse and rough, not as smooth as the hair you are born with. It can also become frizzy with flyaways, regardless of your hair cut or style.” 

Colorists and stylists agree though: a gray bob is the way to go. While maintenance like IGK’s Offline 3-Minute Hydration Mask and texturizing sprays are strongly suggested, the upkeep for a bob is nowhere near as intensive as sitting in a salon chair to constantly hide your natural color. “Believe it or not, the shorter the hair, the more manageable it is,” Aaron Grenia, IGK’s other co-founder said. His suggestion? A messy, sophisticated French bob.

Ready to make the chop? Shop some product essentials below and scroll on for the best bob hair cuts for gray hair. 

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IGK Beach Club Texture Spray

My hair is the impossible combination of fine and straight yet frizzy. One step out into the sauna that is New York in the summer, and the humidity flattens any semblance of volume until I’m left with limp strands. This spray, however, adds as much life to my hair as its packaging does to my vanity. It’s light but effective. My only caveat: As its name implies, the smell is a very beachy coconut. Which, depending on your taste, could make or break it for you. I personally love it. —Kimberly Fusaro, director of branded content

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