10 Of The Best Skincare Fridges For Keeping Your Serums Icy Cold


The age-old debate of where to store your beauty products for maximum impact has never really been solved, but those who find themselves lacking in vanity space might want to consider a new storage option with added benefits: a skincare fridge.

Not just a chic addition to any beauty corner, but a great practical solution for those who get puffy eyes in the morning and are in need of more than just a cold teaspoon and a cup of coffee. Plus, you don’t want your treasured skincare products mixing with your weekly groceries…

Aesthetic Practitioner Natali Kelly notes that, ‘With a proper investment in a beauty fridge, you’ll find that your products are kept well within the temperature range they should be.

‘Whether you invest in a separate beauty fridge or not, chilling your lotions, gels, serums, and so on isn’t a bad idea. As anyone who’s ever put a cool compress on their forehead knows, cold temperatures have a soothing effect on the skin and can help reduce facial redness and inflammation. The cooling effect on the skin can help complement the active ingredients in serums that are designed to hydrate, soothe, and brighten the skin. And applying a cold moisturiser can help calm an inflamed skin barrier for symptomatic relief of itching,’ Kelly continues. Why not store everything from face mists and face rollers to sheet masks and eye creams in your skincare fridge as recommended by Kelly?

‘Do be mindful though – certain skincare balms, oils and serums may solidify in the fridge and therefore are better off stored at room temperature,’ warns Dr Raj Arora, GP and Aesthetic doctor, and director of The Facebible Clinic. Avoid refrigerating oil-based products, actives such as acids, retinols or benzoyl peroxide, SPFs and foundations.

Shop The Best Skincare Fridges

This adorable mint mini skincare fridge is a snip at less than £40 and still keeps your go-to HA serums perfectly chilled. Its compact size means you can take your refrigerated skincare routine on the go as well.


Mini Skincare Fridge With Mirror And Light

A skincare fridge with a mirror and light? Yes please. Doubling up as an ultra handy make-up mirror (or selfie mirror if you’re that way inclined) AstroAI’s beauty fridge is perfect for skincare lovers that want to keep cool in the heat wave.

Chill you skincare routine the StylPro way aka with an ice cold Starbucks latte included as well. This chic beauty fridge comes complete with copper hardware and is designed to chill everything from your go-to eye patches to your favourite nail polish.

A quilted skincare fridge? It doesn’t get more luxe than this. Treat your skincare routine to the ultimate upscale fridge experience with this mini cooler that even connects to your smartphone for skincare updates. Check in on what’s running low, what needs a top up or simply remind yourself which retinol you’re loving right now with the virtual skincare fridge feature that lets you check the contents from your phone.


Net-A-Porter X The Beauty Fridge – £130

This sleek black offering will not only fit seamlessly into any interior but boasts a 10 litre capacity for products and has two nifty shelves you can add or remove to make space for everything from eye masks to jade rollers.


Make-Up Fridge – £65.00

Beauty Bay

For those wanting some colour but nothing that overwhelms a room, this pale pink fridge from Beauty Bay is for you. Not only does it have more than enough space for your skincare products, but it also has the option for thermoelectric power that can produce warm air as well as cool – so it doubles up for keeping towels or eye masks toasty as well as chilled.

This skincare fridge from Russell Hobbs is a true multitasker. Designed for everything from drinks to beauty products, it is small enough to be tucked away and yet still boasts four litres of space.


Skincare Fridge – £59.95

Beauty Cooler

The Beauty Cooler fridge makes a statement. The hot pink retro design is a fun way to house your skincare – maybe even a reminder for you to use them… Pack away your face mists and serums in an antibacterial environment and you’ll wonder how you lived before.


Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator – £52.00

SHOP NOW This versatile option will both heat and cool your products depending on what pampering routine you’re after, and is helpfully charged by USB. Pick from either the white or pink option as a treat for you or a gift for a friend.


Luxe Skincare Fridge – £152

Teami Blends

At 12-litre capacity, this bright pink fridge has enough space for even the biggest beauty hoarder. With its LED beauty light, five shelves and a separate drawer this high-tech luxe offering is worth the investment.

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