20 Different Ways to Style Your Senegalese Twists

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At the rate the hair community is going, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stay updated on the latest styles. Passion twists evolved into passion braids; Faux locs have been cut shorter to launch the trend of butterfly locs. So if you’re on the market for a new look but can’t quite adjust to the latest hairstyles, there’s nothing wrong with going back to the basics. Enter: Senegalese twists.

“Senegalese twists, also known as rope twists, are twists that use the two strand twist method where you twist the two strands right and overlap them to the left,” Susan Oludele, celebrity braider famously known as Hair by Susy or African Creature on Instagram, tells The trick is to continue twisting the strands and overlapping them until you reach your desired length. “Senegalese twists are best with hair extensions but can be done on natural hair as well,” she adds. Like many protective styles, Senegalese twists are best preserved when wearing a satin bonnet or wrapping your hair with a scarf.

You’ve searched high and low for inspiration, but your search stops here. Ahead, 20 different ways to style your Senegalese twists.


Updo with embellishments

Spruce up your Senegalese twists by peppering gold embellishments throughout the hair.


Cornrows into twists

If a full head of twists sounds a bit much, opt for braiding the front half of your hair in cornrows and letting them fall into curly twists.



Everyone will have no choice but to approach you like the queen you are once you swoop a few twists around your forehead.


Messy Twists

Boho braids and twists were all the rage. Add a few pieces of curly hair at the root of a few braids to channel your inner Zoe Kravitz.


Jumbo Twists

The style for people who can’t sit for more than four hours.


90s Ponytail

Take it back, way back, to the 90s by gathering your twists to the top of your head and swinging them to the side. Doorknocker earrings sold separately.


Twisted Bob

Jada Pinkett’s Stony from Set It Off would be proud.


Shaved sides

Several years later and Cassie’s shaven sides is still an iconic look, whether with twists or natural hair.


Hot Pink

Natural colors can get boring sometimes. Become the talk of the town in hot pink braids.


Blonde bombshell

Finding the right blonde to match your skin tone is no easy feat. Mix brown and blonde if you’re not ready to take the full plunge yet.


Curly ends

Curly ends look even better when pulled up in a messy bun or high ponytail.


Fire red

Channel your 2000s Keyshia Cole by opting for fire red/copper twists. No need to wait until autumn.


Crochet twists

YouTube university will teach you everything you need to know about installing your own crochet twists.


Half up, half down

Stuck between a high pony and letting it all hang loose? This style is your happy medium.


Icy girl

Ice blonde braids for an icy girl.


Flat cornrows

These simple flat cornrows fall perfectly into medium-sized twists.


Fulani braids

A hybrid of Fulani braids and twists, because normal is boring.


Grey ends

Borrow a page from Lisa’s book and add some color to the ends of your twists. Lisa’s signature color? Grey, of course.



A classic style that looks even chicer when gold accessories are added to the mix.


Snooki Hump

Leave it up to Black women to make this early aughts hairstyle work in 2021.

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