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Ariana Grande Switches Up Her Signature Winged Eyeliner Look

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If ever you’re in need of quick and easy way to jazz up an everyday makeup look, winged eyeliner is the go-to. And yes, although it can be tricky for some, I am the proud recipient of my grade 5 liner award (I just made that up) after having practised using Ariana Grande’s very own technique. I mean, she hasn’t earned the title of *the* winged liner Queen for nothing…

However, just as my wing was taking great shape and looking, as they say, ‘fleeky’, Ari only went and switched up her classic eye look. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems another makeup crash course is due…

Though, before being stricken with fear and panic, it’s worth noting that the star’s new look isn’t too far different from what we already know and love. Instead, Ariana has extended the wing all the way into her crease in order to create much more of a graphic eye. See said masterpiece in the first and fifth slides of her recent Instagram post, below:
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Talk about a statement!

Now, as easy as it is to assume that this may be her new ‘thing’, we have other theories. Ever since it was announced that the singer-meets-actor is to star as Glinda in the 2024 Wicked movie, she has been teasing us with some behind-the-scenes snaps on the ‘Gram.

So, after seeing that her latest carousel features co-star Cynthia Erivo, who will be playing Elphaba, we’re assuming that this could be a potential movie makeup look. Oh, and she did also caption the snaps ‘! 🫧’, which in my opinion is very telling…

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