Cardi B Just Got Her First Face Tattoo—See Photos

In a picture shared on fan pages, we can see what looks like a “P.” N plus P? No Problem? Nope directed by Jordan Peele? So many possible meanings here.

Her husband Offset has a number of tattoos on his face, so maybe this is just the start for Cardi. In fact, the couple even gave each other tattoos earlier this year as a pre-Valentine’s Day gift. In a February episode of Cardi B’s Facebook Watch series Cardi Tries, Cardi explained that she would like to give Offset a tattoo in exchange for one of her own—after they’ve both learned from his favorite artist, Nikko Hurtado. Offset was initially hesitant, claiming that his wife doesn’t know how to draw, but the pair ultimately agreed to tattoo the date of their wedding, September 20, 2017 (9.20.17), which wouldn’t require too much artistic skill.

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If you’re thinking it doesn’t look that hard…you’re right! And wrong. As Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley discovered while quarantining, it’s possible for almost anyone to pick up tattoo-ing as a hobby with halfway decent results. But she, wisely, started with a simple design on her ankle. If you have a design idea for your face, we strongly recommend going to a professional. And if that goes wrong, well, that’s why foundation exists.

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