Colour Correctors | 22 Best Colour Corrector Palettes and Creams


Colour correctors might look daunting at first glance, but a green (or peach) tinted cream might just be the key to nailing that flawless, even complexion.

In fact, Warren Dowdall, Senior Pro Artist at Bobbi Brown, thinks these pigmented concealers are seriously underrated: ‘Nothing cheats a well-rested look better than a colour corrector,’ he says. ‘A good one will erase the appearance of discolouration and under eye darkness in a flash.’

Working on the principles of colour theory, these pastel shades of concealer neutralise unwanted tones in the skin, rather than simply sitting on top of them. They’ll work on pigmentation, redness, dark circles and even those stubborn lingering acne scars: all you need to do is choose the right hue.

When it comes to under-eye bags, the aim is to brighten those sallow tones that show through the skin. ‘If you have a blueish tone under the eye, try a bisque corrector, and if you have a more brownish tone, go for one of the peach options.’ says Dowdall.

‘To colour correct hyperpigmentation on the face, apply a peach-toned corrector with a small brush before foundation and build up the coverage gently,’ adds Dowdall.

With thread veins, spots and acne scars, the aim is to balance out the warm red tones. Here, you want a green colour corrector: but be sure to apply with a light hand, as an overzealous application will leave a dull, chalky result.

So, how exactly does a colour corrector slot into your existing routine? Rather than replacing your traditional concealer, your corrector should work alongside it. ‘It’s the shapewear, while your concealer is the little black dress,’ says Dowdall.

Here, see the colour correctors the ELLE team trust, along with the skin issues they work best on.

The Best Colour Correctors For Masking Redness and Dark Circles


Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Colour Correcting Treatment

If you prefer sticking to skincare over make-up but still have stubborn redness that you want to ditch, Dr Jart’s cult Tiger Grass Colour Correcting Treatment is your perfect middle ground. A make-up artist favourite for disguising rosacea, it works brilliantly to unify the tone across larger areas of the face, such as rosy cheeks. Use the warmth of your hands to melt the dense cream into skin, and watch as the slightly worrying green tint transforms into a bright, radiant beige.


Prisme Libre Loose Powder

A colour-correcting setting powder is a smart option for anyone with oily skin. Givenchy’s tonal quad contains four colour-correcting pastel shades that together mattify, blur, and improve the overall texture and radiance of your skin. Use it to lock a liquid foundation in place while keeping your skin looking bright.


Under Eye Brightening Corrector – £12

Becca X Smashbox

When the news broke that beloved beauty brand Becca was to close last year, loyal fans frantically stockpiled one product in particular. The brand’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector was so enduringly popular, in fact, sister brand Smashbox has resurrected it, much to our delight. When it comes to balancing and brightening dark circles, nothing comes close to this sheer, light-reflecting balm. Dab it on with a light hand (less really is more) and you’ll soon see what the fuss is all about.


Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette

For those big nights out, this palette is your best ally. Loreal’s pigment-packed creams are easy to blend and, once they’re on, only the toughest of cleansers will be able to melt them off. Press on the lavender shade to neutralise yellow tones, dab the green to counteract any redness and multi-task with the peachy toned concealers to hide those inevitable dark circles. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Erborian’s tinted CC creams are a beauty hero for very good reason. The green-tinged version makes light work of unifying a redness-prone complexion, and even contains SPF 25 for crucial protection. Switch your foundation out in favour of this clever formula, and we’re certain you’ll soon be hooked.

Another solid choice for masking the signs of a late night, Beauty Pie’s colour corrector offers full coverage yet feels weightless on skin. The peachy hue will counteract blueish shadows, while the fatty acid-rich formula will keep skin hydrated and prevent creasing (even when you’ve been squinting at a screen for 8 hours).


One Step Correct Colour Corrector

Yes, this does look like a lab sample out of Jurassic Park, and to be honest we think it’s nearly as clever. A multi-tasking product (as the name suggests), this primer colour corrects and smooths your base while tackling a host of tonal troubles, from dullness to patchy pigmentation. Reach for this one when you’re going for the full glam.


Bright Fix Eye Brightener

Trust Fenty to create an under-eye brightener that works on every single skin tone. The brand’s Bright Fix Eye Brightener comes in a whole host of peachy tones, so there’s bound to be one that balances out your dark circles. It’s long-wearing and sweat-proof, so a good option for anyone that needs their make-up to work extra hard.


Radiant Creamy Colour Corrector

This richer-than-most colour corrector is brilliant for spot-concealing small areas of uneven tone. The four warm, peachy shades work especially well around the eyes, neutralising sallow skin in a single swift swipe. For the best coverage, try using your ring finger to gently pat the product into the skin without rubbing.


Conceal Correct Contour

NYX Professional Makeup


This all-in-one palette contains every colour-correcting shade you could need: there’s even a brown-toned bisque that works as a contour. The formulas are dense and dry enough to last all day, and work best when used to spot-treat smaller areas: think those pesky thread veins and acne scars.


3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula SPF50

This under-the-radar product is a holy grail for so many rosacea-prone people: those in the know simply will not be without it. The green tinged cream is instantly soothing and contains SPF50 alongside redness-neutralising pigment. Use it sparingly across your entire face, and you might just be tempted to ditch the foundation altogether.


Dermablend Colour Corrector Yellow

This yellow-toned colour corrector works brilliantly to neutralise blue veins and very sallow shadows. It boasts real staying power too: simply blend it beneath your eyes after SPF and before foundation to look remarkably wide-awake (even when you’re not).


Studio Fix Conceal and Correct Palette

Trust MAC to create a colour-correcting palette worthy of any make-up pro. With two correctors and four concealers, this one allows for maximum customisation, ensuring you get a seamless cover on every single part of your face.


Redness Solutions Makeup SPF15

Another great option for oily skin types , Clinique’s Redness Solutions fluid offers an all-over approach to colour correcting. This oil-free foundation has been formulated to neutralise any existing redness as well as any flushing that might crop up throughout the day. Uncontrollable blushing at an unexpected meet-cute? It’s got you covered.

Bobbi Brown’s brand-new bisque correctors are designed to blend sallow skin into the background – and boy are they effective. The intensely creamy stick melts straight in and looks completely undetectable. Layer it up with the corresponding concealer for extra impact, or wear it simply alone as a subtle skin-brightener.


Magic Vanish Colour Corrector

Charlotte Tilbury


This punchy red colour corrector is the perfect shade for brightening skin tones as the deepest end of the spectrum. Blend it beneath your eyes and around your nose, and try it on patches of dark pigmentation too.


Nanoblur Colour Corrector

Merging the unifying effects of a colour-corrector with active skincare benefits, Indeed Labs’ formula is intended to be applied all over the skin after moisturising, and can we worn by itself or underneath make-up. It’s skincare credentials are seriously impressive, from moisturising squalane, peptides and antioxidants to improve your skin’s texture instantly and over time.


Correction Concentrate Brightening Peach

Pixi’s peachy corrector is ideal for any areas of the face that tend to look dull or sallow – especially those sunken under-eye shadows. It’s light and radiant, yet tricks the light brilliantly well, making you look bright-eyed at any hour. A solid choice for a natural make-up look.

With multi-functionality at its core, Live Tinted’s Huestick quadruples as an eye, lip and cheek stick as well as a colour corrector. The orange tone and the demi-matte finish work together to seamlessly camouflage dark circles and hyperpigmentation, leaving an undetectable skin-like finish. Why carry several products, when you can have one that does it all?


Colour Correcting Bronzer

Cream colour correctors tend to dominate the field but the texture isn’t for everyone, which is where Illamasqua steps in. With two warm shades and a colour correcting strip in the middle, this pressed powder doubles up to bronze and even out skin tone in one fell swoop of your brush.

Just as the scent of lavender instantly calms our frazzled minds, this pastel-purple primer works to soothe the appearance of inflamed skin. Trust it to eradicate redness and give pale skin tones a cool, porcelain sheen. It works especially well under foundation, so keep it in your kit for full-glam days.

For those mornings when skin refuses to wake up, apply this primer before your foundation to give skin an instant lightbulb moment. The anti-pollution complex protects skin from environmental aggressors we face on our daily commute to fight against dullness.

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