Festival Nails – Festival Nail Art Designs Perfect For Coachella


Festival nail art designs might not be top of our priority list when it comes to preparing for living in a field/desert/on a beach for three days, but you can’t deny it looks pretty damn good. Practical? Not so much. Fun and super cool? Always.

We might not know if festivals are 100% going ahead this year, but there’s no harm in wiling away a few hours browsing some optimistically festival-appropriate nail designs just in case.

Because when you’re covered in mud with three day old festival hair, a brightly coloured mani keeps everything looking a little more chic.

From 80s hair metal bandana prints and a Burberry check to match your mac, to candy acrylic tips and just the right amount of glitter, these are the festival nail art designs and ideas you need to know about.

Get your groove on with swirling yin and yang print nails.
1960s psychedelia meets gunge in these slime print green nails.
Add a retro twist to a classic floral manicure with 1970s daisy print nails.
Festival nail art doesn’t have to mean fussy. Go chic and minimalist with sci-fi style negative spacing.
Channel good vibes through your nail art with a jade and crystal print manicure.
Feel the love at this summer’s festivals with psychedelic purple hearts.
Every festival required at least a bit of glitter. Wear it on your nails in a rainbow colour palette for a twist on the summer go-to.
Match your tie-dye t-shirt to your manicure with multi-coloured fabric print nails.
Channel your inner A-Ha music video with throwback zig zag pastel nail art.
Give a classic French manicure a badass fiery twist with red hot flames licking bare nails.


Yellow And Black Paisley Print (With A Dash Of Chanel)

Add a high fashion twist to carnival print nails.
Clear red acrylics look candy sweet.
Ward off ill-doing festival spirits with the evil eye.


Lime Green Carnival Nails

Saved By The Bell but make it lime green.
Electric blue and white confetti print reminding you festivals are for celebrating.
Paint your mood on your nails.
Match your mac to your mani.
An ode to 80s hair metal.
Cow print is back. Just add a pair of cowboy boots.

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