Gigi Hadid Says Zayn Malik Threw Their Daughter’s Birthday Party and Crushed It

Do you remember your second birthday? Mine probably had a Barney-the-dinosaur theme. Like most toddlers, Khai, daughter of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, celebrated her birthday with a cake, some pizza, and face painting, all planned by her dad. Hadid just shared more photos and details from the day, and it looks supercute…and refreshingly normal! (Cough-cough, Stormiworld.)

On Instagram, Hadid shared a picture of the Peppa Pig flower-shaped balloon-art centerpieces and the three-tiered cake that was covered in hills and sky and animals. “Her baba threw her the best party!” the model wrote, tagging her singer ex. She even shared a glimpse of Khai, whose face and privacy she diligently protects, in a pink tie-dye dress.


In another snap, mom and daughter pose together, Hadid’s face painted in red and white. There are tote bags full of party favors arranged by Malik’s personal assistant (yep, I googled who @tarynzim is), and some pizza. Looks like a fun day!


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