How To Stop Frizzy Hair


There is nothing we love more than a bouncy head of curls or flowing waves, but we’re less in love with the inevitable halo of frizz that seems to pop up the second we step into even slightly humid weather, or get caught in an unexpected shower (which seems to be the weather’s only setting right now).

Frizz affects us all in differing degrees, depending on our hair type and condition. If this month’s seriously unpredictable showers have had you wondering how to finally stop frizzy hair for good, there are several lines of attack open to you.

First, find the right shampoo for frizz-prone lengths. Then, go all in on anti-static, anti-fluff styling products that’ll seal each strand from moisture in the air (whether it’s humidity or a surprise downpour). Look for moisture shields lanolin and silicone on the back of the bottle – yes, silicones can be a lifesaver – as well as nourishing oils to seal dry lengths and split ends in-between salon appointments.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best anti-frizz hair products we’ve tried, from deep treatments to smoothing creams, and even a game-changing mist that’ll define and de-puff curls without disrupting them.

The Very Best Products For Frizzy Hair

Living Proof’s core No Frizz line has been many a curly-haired person’s secret weapon for a while, but this recent addition really changes the game. It’s a pure oil (rather than a slippy serum) yet feels so light it’ll disappear into even the finest of strands, leaving behind zero greasy traces: we promise. What it does do, however, is completely seal the hair fibres from humidity, preventing frizz all day long. Just a couple of drops in damp hair will make curls look more defined and straight hair look sleeker. A hero.


Total Results High Amplify Lamellar Treatment

Lamellar treatments are one of the most exciting hair innovations to emerge in recent years. Think of them as a watery conditioning treatment, working to repair damaged sections of hair while imparting smoothness and shine to rival a lengthy salon session. Matrix’s offering might not be the most well-known lamellar treatment out there, but the no-waste precision nozzle and sophisticated scent make it our top choice for smooth, seriously shiny hair.
Apply it to just-washed hair in the shower, letting it sit for just a few seconds before rinsing away, and follow up with conditioner if your hair is on the thicker (or more damaged) side. The transformation will have you converted after one use.


Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother

We love Aveda’s no-nonsense approach to keeping a lid on frizz. The entire Smooth Infusion line is designed to reduce humidity-induced puffiness: the products you pick will simply depend on your styling inclinations. If you’re a low-maintenance kind of person, the shampoo and conditioner should have you covered, but for anyone that tends to straighten or style their lengths, this plant-based prep cream will protect from heat and block humidity for an impressive 12 hours. It’s especially good in a bouncy blow-dry.

L’Oréal Professionnel


This long-loved serum really is one of the best products for rebelliously frizzy hair. It’s formulated with deep-nourishing argan oil, yet feels satisfyingly light on parched ends, and even comes with enough heat protection to see you safely through a proper straightening session. Oh, and did we mention the major shine it delivers?


Frizz Block Smoothing Spray

Brand new from Virtue (aka every beauty ed’s favourite hair line), this dual-phase frizzy hair treatment is activated by the heat from your hairdryer or straighteners, and wraps around each strand to form a protective shield against humidity. Not just a frizz-banishing wonder, it works to hydrate frazzled strands and delivers ample heat protection, too.

Everyone’s favourite luxury skincare brand has branched out into haircare, and the collection does not disappoint. The Hair Oil is a real highlight, combining argan oil with pomegranate and baobab to nourish dry, brittle strands back to life. A little goes a long way: add just a couple of drops to damp hair to transform your blow-dry. For finer hair types, we’d recommend The Hair Treatment, which repairs and restores without weighing you down.


HairStay Anti-Humidity Seal

This genius anti-humidity mist is especially beneficial on curls and coils, as you can mist it straight over dry hair without disrupting your natural texture. Just like magic, it’ll turn down the volume in an instant, keeping you safe from unexpected rain showers all day long.


Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate

Combining the silkening properties of a serum with the moisture-sealing benefits of an oil, this one is a hero for extra-thick, super frizzy hair. Smoothed into damp lengths, it’ll take down the puffiness that manifests after blow-drying, and when applied to dry hair it’ll shield from rain-induced chaos.


Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil

Shu Uemura Art of Hair


Perhaps Shu Uemura’s most well-known product, this silky smoothing oil-serum is the star of the brand’s prestige Essence Absolue line.Combining protective silicones with pure camellia seed oil, it works as both a styling and a conditioning product, smoothing frizz and flyaways while nourishing over-straightened ends. Every hair type can get on with this one: simply tailor the amount you use according to your hair thickness and length.


CopperSure Rapid Dry Hair Wrap

If air-drying your curly hair takes ages, yet reaching for the hairdryer only invites frizz, this unassuming hair hero may well offer the solution. Made from an antibacterial copper-infused fabric, this smart turban soaks up excess moisture, allowing strands to dry swiftly. The result? Perfectly shiny, defined curls without the frizz and frazzled bits.


Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

The reviews should tell you all you need to know about this one. A brilliantly unique formula that really delivers, it contains a heat-activated polymer that essentially waterproofs each and every hair strand, preventing humidity and rain from ruining your super-sleek style. Mist it in before using your hairdryer and heat tools for hair that feels weightless, yet magically resists the urge to frizz.

The entire Olaplex line is brilliant for frizz, but we think No.0 does the best job of smoothing fluff-prone hair. This liquid formula should be applied to clean, dry hair before stepping in the shower: shampoo and condition as usual, and you’ll notice sleeker, less-tangled hair on drying. The brand will tell you to layer this one up with the original No.3 treatment, but we think the results are good enough without.


Curl Manifesto Leave-In-Cream

Kérastase’s recent curly-hair line is getting all the hype, and for good reason. One of the stars, this leave-in cream reduces puffiness and flyaways in naturally textured hair, without making curls crunchy or slimy: no easy feat.


Manketti Oil Finishing Mist

This ultra-fine mist is a lighter alternative to Charlotte Mensah’s original Manketti Oil serum, and can be spritzed over damp or dry hair to lock in moisture and shield textured strands from frizz. It’s easily absorbed yet packs a serious hydrating punch, and boasts the brand’s decadently heady scent.


Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk Leave-in Conditioning Spray

A milky formula will generally feel lighter than an oil-based one, which is welcome news for those with fine, flyaway hair. Briogeo’s water-weight spray is one of the best: simply mist it over wet or dry lengths for a dose of frizz-smoothing hydration.

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