Jennifer Lopez Is Wearing a Black Turtleneck in July. How?

Clearly, Jennifer Lopez isn’t about to let a little thing like the July sun beating down on her in the middle of the day ruin a good ’fit. The Halftime star was photographed at what appears to be a street fair or flea market in Los Angeles on July 3, wearing a maxi skirt, shades, and a long-sleeved black turtleneck, and walking arm in arm with husband-to-be Ben Affleck. As a person who dresses almost exclusively in linen tents all summer long, I am bewildered. 


Jennifer Lopez completed her weather-denying look with chic gold hoop earrings, platform espadrilles, an oversized bag, and shades, with a phone in her hand. 

Other questions that come to mind as I look at these photos include: What is this large plastic thing Affleck has in his hand? What is Lopez filming on her phone? Where are they, and did they have to get their hands stamped with the rest of the normals? How can it be both turtleneck weather and open-toed-shoe weather at the same time?


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