Kim Kardashian Is Channeling Pamela Anderson With This ’90s Makeup Detail

The wave of reviving ‘90s beauty trends is showing no signs of slowing down and Kim Kardashian for one, is here for a throwback glam moment. The beauty look her makeup artist, Mary Phillips, created for an appearance Kim made at the This Is About Humanity annual fundraiser in LA on Saturday night had an undeniable ’90s twist. 

We know the Kardashians are big on lip liners (sister Kylie in particular has made defined lips her signature), but Kim chose a dark ‘90s negative space lip liner for the event. Revisiting the light nude, fleshy shades that she was known for in the ’00s—like MAC’s Creme D’nude—the social media mogul applied a pale shade across the center of her lips, remixed in a matte finish. To create contrast, Mary rimmed her lips with a spiced, brown-toned lip liner for a grungy look that served up ’90s nostalgia.

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As for where Kim found the inspo, we reckon she was giving her own spin to the lip combo that the supers like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford made famous on the runway. And that Pamela Anderson rocked around her Baywatch days.

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