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Kim Kardashian professes her love for Pete Davidson with a mani

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Just when we thought Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson couldn’t get any more Kuete, I mean cute, the SKIMS founder has only gone and pulled a Kourtney and Travis Barker special. And no, although it would be pretty entertaining, much to our united dismay they’re not straddling each other with PDA whilst an innocent bystander (said bystander being their estate agent) unassumingly observes. Lol.

Instead, Kimmy has reigned it in just a tad and to profess her love for her boyfriend, she has gone and got a Khloe/Kourtney-esque hot pink acrylic manicure with Pete’s initial stamped on her fingertip. #KeteFTW.

And why is it Khloe/Kourtney-esque I hear you ask? Adorably, it’s a mash-up of her two sisters’ aesthetics: KoKo loves an XXL mani and Kourtney loves… well… Travis Barker and repping his intials.

Oh, and my eagle eye observes that the rhinestone bejewelled ‘P’ is actually on her ✨ring finger✨, so, perhaps we could be seeing another Kardashian wedding sooner than we thought? That’s my wishful thinking, anyway.
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It seems although Pete couldn’t attend Kourtney and Travis’ Italian wedding, Kekes wanted him there in spirit… on her nails. Adorable or a little strange? That’s for you to decide, my friends.

While we may be jumping the gun a little with assuming this nail tribute is for Pete, fans had other ideas, coming to their own assumptions in the comments of Kim’s Instagram post:

One person wrote: ‘Penelope??’.

Another said: ‘PENELOPE’.

Someone else commented: ‘P for psalm❤️’.

And personally, my favourite comment reads: ‘P for panye’.

Perhaps the ‘P’ actually stands for Psalm and Kim has N (for North), S (for Saint) and C (for Chicago) on her other fingertips? Now that would be cute, right?

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