Millie Bobby Brown Rocks A Next Level Overlined Lip In IG Selfie

Millie Bobby Brown may only be 18 years old, but boy, has she done it all. We’ve seen the Stranger Things star rock a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet that was like seeing something straight out of the 1980s, a 1970s block fringe that gave us all the Groovy Chic vibes, and even a very up-to-the-minute baby braids blonde ‘do.

Launching onto the Hollywood scene at just age 12 – with a buzzcut, no less – may be the reason for the actor’s confidence in experimenting.

Though today, much to our disappointment, she has not ventured back to the 1960s with a beehive or a mop top, but instead, she’s kept her look very modern with a pink overlined lip, courtesy of celebrity make-up artist Buster Knight.
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Buster has created the illusion of a fuller lip by outlining Millie’s lips with a hot pink liner shade and then filling it in with a lighter baby pink/coral gloss. And if you’re a hawk-eyed fan (like me), you will have noticed that he has not only taken the liner higher on the cupid’s bow but also beneath the lower lip, too.

Side note: would you look at that fluffy lash and glitter eye combo?

Sadly, the artist is yet to share the exact shades used, but did say that he used Florence By Mills products. So, after analysing Mills’ lips (it’s not as weird as it sounds, I promise), my guess is that the Mark My Words Lip Liner in Fierce, £10, has been used with the Get The Glossed Lip Gloss in Mystic Mills, £12.

Now, if only we could master such a perfect overline… best get practising!

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