Nail Polish Colors: How to Manifest Your Future With a Manifestation Manicure

I’ve always struggled to choose new nail polish colors—so much so, that for much of my adult life, I literally brought my own polish bottle to the salon to avoid making the decision (yes, I am an indecisive Libra). But on my last birthday, something changed: I no longer connected with the pale pink color I’ve worn for years, and simply felt my nails—and life—needed an energetic overhaul. 

At first, I experimented with complicated nail art and designs, but wanted an even more prominent shift in the spring. So I googled “manifestation manicures,” wondering if certain nail polish colors could, in theory, help me manifest or “visualize” the future I wanted—not unlike a mood board (or the manifestation mani Dua Lipa debuted for the new year).

My initial findings, on dated “color magic” web forums, confirmed my suspicion that colors were known for their unique meanings. Enthused, I chose bright yellow, which is known for optimism and joy, adding a smiley face to each ring finger. And the rest is history. Since that manicure—and intentionally experimenting with colors—my luck has changed in the absolute best way: My schedule magically aligned with an opportunity to fly home to visit family, I finally beat my 5K running time after months of training, and started interviewing for my dream job…that I ended up getting. Of course it could be a coincidence, or seeing that jovial hue on my hands daily that brightened my mood, making things seem better. Whatever the case, I’m officially  a “manifestation manicure” convert, and I asked actual experts about the method so you can try it, too.

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What is manifestation?

Manifesting is the act of visualizing what you want to happen in real life, like getting into your dream graduate program, negotiating a higher salary, or meeting your soulmate (Megan Fox insists she manifested her fiancé). Imagining your ideal future as real makes your goals feel closer and more attainable, which in theory, inspires you to take action to achieve them. 

“Manifestation is the purpose of thinking thoughts that you want to attain in real life. If thinking can make you a believer then anything can happen — including your dreams,” Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of “The Love Deck,” explains. That said, Stardust adds that many people don’t realize that the simple act of thinking something doesn’t necessarily make it come true. “For instance, you have to do the daily work needed. Many people meditate on their aspirations twice a day for 30 minutes, or they journal their goals daily to mark progress, while some create a vision board to ensure they are always looking at their hopes.”

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