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Rupi Kaur Finds Beauty in Deep Connections

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Glamour: How do you find time to practice self-care?

Rupi Kaur: I found a brand-new therapist right before I got on the road, and she gave me the best advice. She said that your day is in three parts—the morning, the day, and the nighttime—and I should only be working only two of those times. I decided the mornings have to be mine, because I know I get into hair and makeup—I start at 1 p.m.—and from one until midnight, I’m in the venue, being pulled in different directions doing sound check. So my team knows that, from the time that I wake up til 1 p.m., unless somebody is dying, don’t bother me.

So my thing is, I get up in the morning, take the book that I’m reading at the moment—currently, that’s Dune—and I’ll bring my journal, and I have this pen that is hot pink, bright ink, and it makes me so happy. Then I go to a café—because all of the coffee in Europe is amazing, and the pastries are incredible—and order a pain au chocolat with a cortado. And I just have an hour to myself. 

What’s one beauty trend you’re obsessed with right now?

My friends have gotten me obsessed with nail art, so that’s been something that I really enjoy doing—getting my nails done. I’m honestly so inspired by Adele, because I feel like she’s been killing it in the nail game.

What nail polish color are you wearing?

One of my favorite designs to do, especially in the fall, it’s that marble cheetah situation. Currently I am wearing this color called Harry’s Chair, by Pleasing. It’s this beautiful green that’s very, very Gucci. It’s fall fun.

Pleasing The Hot Holiday Set

What is one beauty rule you swear by?

For me, it’s all about feeling good, and one thing that I do to feel good is get my body moving. Whether it’s dancing, or whether it’s going to the gym, getting that endorphin rush always makes me feel better, and more and more beautiful.

On that note, fill in the blank. I feel most beautiful when ____.

I’m laughing.

Do you remember the first beauty product you ever used?

I’m the oldest of four kids, and my mom was never really a big makeup person, so I got to makeup pretty late. I started experimenting with it in college. But lip gloss was probably the first thing. And then that was the thing you were always going to find in all of my pockets, some sort of lip balm. Because moisturized, plump lips always make me feel beautiful.

What is your go-to getting-ready music?

Dancing and listening to music right before I hit the stage is very important part of getting ready for the show. So it’s been a lot of UK rap, because we’re in the UK, lots of Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Beyoncé, a lot of Afrobeats. And honestly, lots of Punjabi music as well. Because Punjabi music is really hype and gets you moving, and we just dance, and we record ridiculous videos for ourselves doing so.

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