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Scalp Scrub | 10 Best Hair And Scalp Exfoliators To Try Now

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We know, we know, in today’s post-pandemic world it’s easy to skip the odd wash day. That morning Zoom meeting won’t pick up on your greasy roots and, frankly, a slicked-back bun is the only hairstyle that feels practical for a long day in the ‘home office’ (we know, it’s your kitchen table).

But now, it’s time to fall back in love with wash day again. If you need a little motivation to get back in the habit, we can absolutely relate.

Enter the scalp scrub: dense, grainy and (in many cases) deliciously scented, these exfoliator-shampoo hybrids are the key to true shower (or bath!) nirvana.

But these satisfying scalp heroes score more than just pampering points, though. In fact, they’re really very good for your scalp, which deserves to be treated with at-least a fraction of the love you show your complexion (be honest – how many face serums are on your shelf)?

Why use a scalp scrub?

The skin on your scalp is really just an extension of that on your face, yet it rarely gets a look-in when it comes to treatments. Oil, daily grime and product residue (especially dry shampoo) can really bed in on our scalps, throwing the skin’s microbiome off balance and leading to a host of problems, from excessive dryness and flaking to overzealous oil production.

‘A scalp scrub will deeply cleanse the hair and remove any impurities and product build-up,’ explains hairstylist James Earnshaw. Just like an exfoliator for your face, these gritty formulas will upgrade your hair-washing routine, helping to leave each and every follicle clean and content. Which is good news, of course, because a happy scalp leads to healthy hair that behaves well, looks glossy, and grows to the best of its ability.

So whether you’re hoping to lure yourself out of post-lockdown laziness or attempting to finally coax those ends to grow past your shoulders, a thorough scalp exfoliation could serve up the solution. Scroll through, snap one up, and prepare for the cleanest hair of your life..

The 10 best scalp scrubs to try now

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