Selena Gomez Is Making Olive Green Nail Polish 2022’s Biggest Fall Mani Trend

Selena Gomez is single-handedly making olive green nail polish the shade we need in our stash for autumn.

Her trusted nail artist, Tom Bachik, posted a picture of her freshly painted mani to his Instagram on August 15 with the caption, “Olive this color on @selenagomez.” In it, Selena rocks long ballerina-shaped nails with an offbeat martini olive green nail polish that looks somewhere between fresh leafy green and brown.

It has exactly the sort of earthy combo that makes fall nail trends so deliciously cosy, but the unusual shade is a little more fun, upbeat, modern, and interesting. Even so, it’s muted enough to feel like a new neutral that will work well alongside autumnal color palettes of brown, burgundy, navy, white, and black, as well as the annual animal prints that will be making a swift return.

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This Selena Gomez look comes hot on the heels of another celebrity nail moment: Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails, which have practically broken the beauty internet (and picked up over 53 million views on TikTok along the way).

But moving into the next season, this offers something a little richer and more statement. Plus it picks up where last autumn’s biggest nail trend left off. “Dark green” saw a 75% surge in interest last October with nail artists like Harriet Westmoreland serving up deep hunter greens. This time round, olive is the cooler, baby sis shade that’s less classic but a lot more playful.

Here are some olive green nail shades to consider adding to your stash…

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