Summer Make-Up Trends 2022 – 5 Make-Up Looks To Try Now


When it comes to summer we’re always willing to get a little more experimental with our make-up. Blame it on the heat stroke, the sangria, or just the good vibes, but our summer make-up game is always a little bolder and a whole lot more on point. Until we sweat it all off that is…

Who better to steer us in the direction of this summer’s hottest make-up trends than the queen of cool girl colour, European make-up artist for Glossier and Adwoa’s go-to face painter, Celia Burton.For Burton it’s all about creating a make-up moment, rather than a mask. ‘I love when the skin really speaks for itself and there’s just a moment of make-up: an adornment, or colour or a lip,’ she tells ELLE UK. Of course, don’t forget the face gems. ‘I’ve seen in the last few months at least three people just out and about with gems stuck to their face and I love it.’

Inspired by Euphoria and 2022’s obsession with Y2K, Celia’s beauty mantra is more self expression and more… lip gloss. ‘We’re wearing Juicy Couture tracksuits again, we’re wearing lip gloss again, we’re really having this Noughties revival and lip gloss is so much fun it should never go anywhere.’

Glossier’s resident MUA let us in on her top tips for oil slick lips, slime-coloured eyeshadow and why the power brow is back, plus the products you need to bring them all to life.

Read on for all your summer make-up inspo…

5 Summer Make-Up Trends To Try Now

1. Adorned Eyes

‘Gorgeous Paloma! This is when I got her ready for a party during fashion week in March this year. The look was very clean, very raw skin – Paloma’s got amazing freckles so I didn’t want to hide any of them – then I adorned her skin with teeny tiny little pearls around the eye as a top and lower liner. ‘It’s a very modern way of doing eye make-up but also a lovely way to pack a punch without over complicating things. It lets your skin shine through and the embellishments can really sparkle. It’s a new way of wearing make-up.’

Work The Look With…

990 Pcs Self Adhesive Pearl Stickers

2. Oil Slick Lips

‘This was Adwoa at the Met Gala earlier this year. Sometimes these kind of moments make celebrities feel like they should be wearing lots of make-up I really enjoy going the other way and barely using any. I’ve always loved no mascara and a lip – I think that’s incredibly chic. The focus of this look was the oily lip stain – something I’m seeing a lot of at the moment. I love a juicy pout; I love radiance and reflection and textures that are sweaty and shiny and oily.’

Work The Look With…

Phantom Volumizing Glossy Lip Balm

3. Lime Slime Eyes

‘This look is all about playful colour and lovely fresh skin and not being complicated – it’s one focus, that’s something I do a lot. I love this green shade – it’s sort of yellowy and not too sickly or sour. Even though it’s quite a tart shade it’s warm and wearable and looks amazing on all skin tones and hair colours. ‘You can go as high onto the brow bone as you want, or you can stay right in the centre of the eye. Having a pop of colour is a very simple way of looking like you’ve made an effort. It packs a punch but requires very little effort.’

Work The Look With…

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4. Mega Matte Lips

‘These rusty matte mahogany brown lips are a real favourite of mine. I used a regular lipstick finish then to really up the matte effect, I used this product by Smashbox called Insta Matte – it’s basically a transformer mattifying gel that you add on top of any lipstick. It instantly blurs and mattifies whatever you apply it on top of – it’s amazing.’

Work The Look With…

Lip Pencil in Mahogany

5. Return Of The Power Brow

‘Brows are always in season and always on trend. Keeping them fluffy and less graphic is cooler and more modern. Having a strong brow is a way of feeling powerful and I love that about make-up – that it has that ability to give you the strength to take on the day. ‘The technique is to ignore the arch and, instead, take it straight across. It has this effect of drawing the eyebrows out, rather than lifting everything up. In the right situation that’s really interesting.’

Work The Look With…

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