The Best Heat Protection Sprays For Keeping Hair Healthy


Your hair wants a heat protection spray. You know this, yet when was the last time you picked one up and, you know, actually used it?

No judgement here: heat protection sprays are hardly the sexiest product in your hair-care routine. In fact, a lot of them leave hair feeling sticky, crunchy, or – in the worst cases – as dry as a 5pm martini.

But heat protection matters: skipping this important styling step only means you’ll double down on the hair masks and treatments – side note: have you tried a lamellar water? We’re obsessed – and, when it comes to hair damage, prevention is always better than cure. Luckily, heat protective sprays have come a long way recently, and there’s now a host of liquids, serums and creams that’ll shield your delicate strands from the perils of the straighteners without sacrificing softness and shine.

Right this way for the only heat protection sprays team ELLE are wiling to use to the last drop.

8 Heat Protection Sprays (And Creams) For Damage-Free Straightening


Complete Instant Recovery Serum

Jonathan Van Ness spent years formulating this product after finding it impossible to persuade his own clients to use a heat-protector – and, spoiler alert, it’s an absolute triumph. Our favourite product from the line, this rich serum sinks straight into damp hair without even a tiny trace of stickiness, and simply makes styled ends feels silky and soft. You’ll barely believe it’s protective enough to shield from a serious straightening session.


Miracle Leave-In Conditioning Hair Spray

This one enjoyed so much hype when it finally landed in the UK, and we can confirm it does not dissappoint. It’s packed with exactly the kind of ingredients your hair wants – antioxidant green tea, hydrating sunflower seed, strengthening proteins – and works to detangle, smooth, soften and shield from the most enthusiastic curling sessions.


One For All 6-in-1 Styler Cream

The fact that this one protects from heat styling is simply the icing on the cake. A real show-off, it also smoothes frizz, hydrates dry lengths, and makes your curls (or waves) last for longer. Try scrunching a (tiny!) amount into dry, limp hair for extra body, too.


Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray

Of course, GHD has a brilliant heat-protection spray in its roster. With a lightweight formula and ultra-fine nozzle, an even, fine mist is guaranteed.


Heat Relief Thermal Protector And Conditioning Mist

Trust Aveda to make a hair protector that feels completely undetectable once dry. This water-weight mist shields from hairdryer and styling-tool heat, and smells just like your favourite salon, too.


Nutritive Nectar Thermique

A one-and-done winner, this old classic protects from heat, smoothes frizz and adds blinding shine. Smooth a small amount through damp lengths before reaching for the hairdryer, and thank us later.

L’Oréal Professionnel


L’oreal’s fan-favourite oil actually delivers heat protection too: up to 230 degrees, in fact (that’s hotter than your GHDs). If you’ve got thick, coarse or especially frizzy hair, stop the search here.


Balm d’Or Heat Styling Shield

Yes, it’s outrageously priced, but this is quite possibly the most luxurious thing you’ll ever treat your hair to. Heat-activated polymers form a shield around every stand, preventing damage from both UV and styling tools, while exotic maracuja oil makes even the most frazzled strands feel soft and swishy. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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