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The Best London Hair Salons To Bookmark For Your Next Trim

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Whether it’s in response to getting a new job, coming out the other side of a break-up or just wanting to mix up your current look, getting a haircut is the way to reassert yourself as brand new person. We don’t make the rules. But when such a huge undertaking is put into the hands of a stranger, how can you ensure that you emerge looking and feeling your best?

Here at ELLE we’ve tried and tested a lot of hair salons (and a conveyer belt of hairstyles to boot), so to help ensure you also get the hair of your dreams, we’ve rounded up the very best hair salons London has to offer.


Neil Moodie Studio

With architects Charles Eames and John Lautner as a reference point for its interior design, Neil Moodie Studio in Spitalfields is plush and inviting without being intimidating (the chairs are some of the most comfortable ones we’ve sat in). Moodie’s a seasoned pro within the fashion week circuit, so the team has refined the art of translating current trends into real life, all while taking into account your styling habits and lifestyle. Sustainability is at the heart of the studio; the space is mainly done up in recycled and upcycled materials, and there are no single use gloves or water bottles. Pricing is gender-neutral too. BOOK NOW


STIL Salon

After the huge success of her first Notting Hill based salon, Christel Barron-Hough has opened a sister salon in Chelsea. The space is a Scandi-inspired oasis of calm, with bright and inviting minimalist decor, with the added bonus of being met at the door by Bertie, the salon’s resident pup. Specialising in colour, those who are looking for a precisely tailored approach won’t find anyone more attentive than Barron-Hough and her team, who start each appointment with a one-to-one consultation to discuss which shades will best compliment your undertones and features. With the team’s in-depth expertise and calm atmosphere, you’ll leave your appointment feeling the same kind of zen you’d expect after an hour long massage.BOOK NOW


George Northwood

As the skilled hands behind some of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles (Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are longstanding loyalists), George Northwood has become the master of bobs. Subsequently, his namesake salon nestled in Soho has become the port of call for those seeking a shorter chop, with a team trained under Northwood’s meticulous eye for detail. They understand that a haircut should be fun, modern and elevate your confidence, meaning you’ll feel all your hair anxiety melt away as soon as you’re sat down in the salon chair.BOOK NOW


Butchers Salon

Inclusivity and sustainability go hand in hand at Butchers salon. Specialising in the coolest and cutting-edge styles, there’ll be no butchering here, just carefully personalised consultations and cuts to elevate your individuality. Butchers’ third salon just opened in Camden and continues to drive forward eco-conscious values; everything from the decor to the refreshments served and the products used have been carefully chosen to ensure the salon is as sustainable as possible, and they’ve even partnered with Tree Sisters Official to plant one tree for every customer and offset their carbon emissions.BOOK NOW



After nearly thirty years of building a legacy in the hair industry, Luke and Daniel Hersheson have not only seen the landscape evolve but have always been at the forefront of its expansion into new territories. Their newest flagship in Belgravia isn’t just a salon, it’s a whole beauty destination. Go for the highly coveted Hershesons cut, stay for the sharp yet elegant decor, and then stay a while longer to discover Sarah Bradden’s accupuncture facials or a DryBy manicure. It’s a fantastical cobalt blue fairground of beauty.BOOK NOW


Blue Tit

Previously, our commitments to sustainability haven’t been top of the priority list when it comes to choosing our hairdressers. Unfortunately, the nature of a hair salon makes it difficult to get around the water waste and product consumption. Blue Tit. however. have turned this problem into real change, becoming Europe’s first B-Corp certified salon. Just a few of the sustainable efforts the salon has implemented includes using EcoHeads to reduce 1,350,000 litres of water wastage a year, using biodegradable hair towels and recycling over 95% of its waste. Blue Tit’s 10 salons across the city (Greenwich is their latest spot) are kitted out in a super sleek urban jungle decor that reflects the style of each neighbourhood, so the most difficult part will be choosing which one to visit first.BOOK NOW


Charlotte Mensah’s Hair Lounge

If you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate while leaving your hair in the hands of award-winning hairstylists, look no further than Hair Lounge. Founded by the iconic hair stylist Charlotte Mensah, the bright and serene Notting Hill salon sees loyal clients returning again and again for bespoke afro and textured hair styling with Mensah’s Manketti Oil range. Why not indulge in a signature salt scrub treatment while you’re there too?BOOK NOW


The Bohemians

Head south of the river and you’ll find The Bohemians, a salon set in an airy space with a rustic touch. As you might be able to gather from the overall aesthetic, this team approaches hair a little differently. From using organic and ammonia-free hair colour and bleach, to a gender-neutral pricing list, The Bohemians represents the next generation of hair salons.BOOK NOW


Bleach London

Always see people walking around London with rainbow coloured hair and wonder how they achieved it? We’d put our money on Bleach. The disruptive salon is all about achieving self expression through your hair, so whether you’re looking to experiment with fashion’s latest colour obsession (kermit green, anyone?) or looking to absolutely nail your perfect blonde moment, this is the salon to visit.BOOK NOW


Larry King

The man behind some of the boldest editorial hairstyles and with a roster of celebrity clients in tow, we’re not sure how Larry King had the time to set up not one but two flagship salons in London. Somehow he did though, and our hair is ever thankful for it. King and his team specialise in everything from beautiful cuts for all hair types (the kind that stay effortlessly chic long after you’ve left the chair) to distinctively curated colour blends.BOOK NOW


Josh Wood Colour

When it comes to colour, Josh Wood is a master of the palette. It’s no surprise then that his Notting Hill based salon has become one of the most sought-after places to give your hair a shade refresh. While there is a focus on colour, Wood’s handpicked team offer a pick’n’mix of hair services, highly trained in everything from smoothing treatments to glosses for instantly shiny hair. If you’re unsure of which direction to go in, seek an in-depth consultation with one of the team and they’ll help you to achieve your perfect shade.BOOK NOW


Not Another Salon

As the name suggests, this is a salon with a twist. The funky anti-industrial décor has been chosen to reflect the relaxed and no-judgement attitude of the salon and its team. Throwing out the rule-book of what a salon should be, you can expect gender-neutral prices and a fun and friendly atmosphere that turns a trip to the salon from a chore to a joy. The team’s approach to hair is refreshing too, with their main focus on prioritising the client’s happiness and hair health (as well as major colour).BOOK NOW


Hare And Bone

Headed up by hair stylist Sam Burnett, who’s worked on fashion shows and editorials across the globe, Hare and Bone continues to deliver a next level of artistry through the work of their collective styling team. Innovation and creativity are at the heart of this salon, and their expertise when it comes to colour is second to none.BOOK NOW


Live True Salon

Live True’s ethos is all celebrating individuality, and that’s just what they’ve encapsulated in their newest Soho flagship store. From Instagram-worthy photo spots to the salons use of solely renewable energy sources, Live True understands that hair should be fun, and this is a next-gen salon truly worthy of the title.BOOK NOW

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