The Best Products To Slay Your Edges This Summer

Delmaine Donson

Laying your edges—also known as baby hairs—can instantly add that wow factor to any hairstyle. Half of the mission of styling your edges to perfection lies in the products you use. The right edge control will allow you to style your edges to your liking, without leaving behind any flaking or buildup. But most importantly, a good product will stand the test of time and keep your edges laid all day and night. With so many edge controls out there it’s hard to determine which is best for you. Whether you’re rocking a protective style and want elaborate baby hairs or styling your natural hair and want sleek edges to compliment your curls, here are the 10 best edge control products to keep your edges laid with no fuss or flaking.


The Every Day Go-To

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Extra Hold

The Creme of Nature edge control is practically a natural hair beauty staple. It gets the job done by slicking down your edges to a smooth finish that lasts for hours.


The Beauty Store Staple

Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer

I’ve yet to come across a Black woman who hasn’t used this edge control religiously at one point in their life. It lives up to its name and keeps your edges “tamed” for 24 hours or honestly however long you need your edges to behave.


Best For Protective Styles


The cherry on top of any protective style is laid edges—the more elaborate the better. Loved by many Youtube hairstylists and protective style aficionados, this edge control is best used for creating sharp clean parts but also works amazingly to style edges once your hair is all done.


The All-Nighter

Murray’s Premium Edgewax Gel

For those nights you know you’ll be out until dawn, this edge control has you covered. With a thick wax-like texture, Murray’s slicks down your edges without build-up or flaking. Even through the elements of a great night out (sweat and the occasional spray of champagne) your edges will hold up in whatever unique pattern of waves or swirls you styled them in.


The All-Nighter

Design Essentials Sleek MAX Edge Control

Not only is its flexible gel texture great for more unique and intricate baby hair patterns, but the addition of castor oil helps breakage and damage around your edges.


The Light Option

Miss Jessie’s Hold Me Down Super Edge Control Hair Gel

On the days you don’t want your baby hairs doing the most, Miss Jessie’s gel is perfect for that. The gel is lightweight enough to clean up your edges for a natural look with enough hold to keep them in place.


The Light Option

Curls Twist N Shout Cream

We’re tempted to say the best part of this edge control is the smell fragrant blueberry scent but it’s actually its lightweight formula that leaves your edges sleek, not stiff. 


For Fragile Edges

Kinky Curly, Gloss Pomade

Edges can suffer from breakage due to over-styling and using the wrong products. If your edges need a little more TLC, the Kinky-Curly Gloss Pomade has a combination of oils including jojoba oil, avocado oil, and almond oils to nourish your baby hairs while the thick pomade texture tames flyaways with a glossy finish


For Fragile Edges

The Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge Control

Another great two-for-one styling product is the Mane Choice edge control, which uses castor oil and other nourishing oils to stimulate growth while moisturizing your edges.


Best For Wigs

Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel

Got2B gel is popular among wig wearers for its stronghold and easy application. A little bit of this gel goes a long way and works well for slicking down the edges on a frontal or closure for that natural “scalp” finish.

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