TikTok Hair: 16 Viral Hair Trends to Show Your Hair Stylist ASAP

From the long, layered butterfly haircut to edgy skunk stripe hair, TikTok hair trends are everywhere—and likely will be for a while. TikTok is basically the ideal hair inspiration platform—not only does it bring beauty trends right to the palm of our hand, but it also provides countless clips and multiple angles of each style. This way, users can actually see what each haircut or color looks like while in motion, and on the head of a fellow “normal” person. Translation? Beauty, along with industry-wide trends, is becoming increasingly accessible for consumers.

“We are becoming informed consumers of beauty. Hair, nails, makeup: It’s all part of our culture now,” celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena says. “Social media has made it very easy for users to learn how to do anything, whether that’s installing clip-in extensions or cutting curtain bangs.” Basically, all you need is a phone (and well, to download TikTok) to become a beauty insider.

Ahead, 16 TikTok-viral hair trends you’ll want to show your IRL stylist for inspiration (unless you’re more of the DIY type). Get ready to screenshot.

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