Vitamin C Serum – The Best Wrinkle Reducing Vitamin C Face Creams


You may be used to popping Vitamin C as a supplement to fight an oncoming cold, but it’s also being hyped as a wonder ingredient in skincare.

‘Vitamin C is a staple for so many skin concerns, it’s a mega antioxidant so can stave off free radical damage from general life such as pollution, the sun, smoking, stress etc.’, explains pro facialist Abigail James. ‘It’s an amazing skin brightener, it can give you a glow as well as support reducing the appearance of pigmentation.’

Vitamin C is also a magic wrinkle fighting ingredient as it boosts the body’s production of collagen and firms skin.

Finally, this one stop shop wonder ingredient reduces inflammation and brightens skin. Or as dermatologist Dr Gach puts it, ‘Vitamin C peels the superficial layers of the epidermis giving a fresher and brighter look to the skin as well as strengthens the collagen fibres.’

So what should you look out for in your vitamin C serum? ‘It’s all about how it’s formulated as to how effective it’s really going to be,’ says James. ‘Vitamin C is unstable and will rapidly degenerate when exposed to oxygen, so you might have a product that claims to have a high percentage, however if the packaging such as a dropper or pot that allows the solution to be exposed to the air regularly, half way through use the product is really not going to be as effective.’

The secret to getting the most from your vitamin C? ‘The key is to look for the type being used, L-ascorbic acid or ascorbic acid is more stable than others and will maintain its strength longer,’ advises James.

Shop The Best Vitamin C Serums


Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum

Support Brit beauty brands whilst evening out your complexion with Balance Me’s vitamin C serum. Its ultra-light gel texture means it absorbs super quickly so it can get to work brightening and reducing the appearance of pigmentation ASAP.


15% Vitamin C And Egf Serum

An absolute bargain of a vitamin C serum, The Inkey List’s offering is no less effective. Formulated with a highly stable form of vitamin C this serum delivers a potent hit of antioxidants whilst the techy Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) promotes collagen production. Plumper, brighter skin? Yes please.


GinZing Into The Glow Brightening Serum

Into the glow is right. Origins’ vitamin C serum illuminates your skin with a combination of Green Coffee Seed and an AHA/BHA blend to gently smooth skin whilst giving dull areas a radiance boost.


Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment with Ferment² + Vitamin C

On the more spenny end of the vitamin C serum spectrum, Estèe Lauder’s brightening treatment is worth the money. Your one stop shop for tackling the traditional signs of ageing, this powerhouse serum targets dark spots, sun spots, age spots, acne marks and dullness.

Add a few drops of this vitamin C booster to your daily moisturiser or SPF to tackle pigmentation and dullness. Formulated with a 15% stabilised concentration of vitamin C alongside ferulic acid and peptides that smooth and brighten, this is the ultimate pep me up shot for your skin.


Skinceuticals C E Ferulic – £135

SHOP NOWA potent antioxidant, use this Vitamin C serum before you apply your daily SPF (which we assume you are doing…) to protect your skin against all the nasty stuff your daily commute likes to throw at you.


Lancer Advanced C Radiance Cream – £70

SHOP NOWIf droppers or watery serums aren’t your bag, then Lancer’s silky Vitamin C cream is for you. Enriched with 10% Vitamin C and Retinol, this aids in the production of collagen and increase the flow of oxygen to the skin.


Lixir Vitamin C Paste – £32

SHOP NOW More a paste than a serum, this techy form of Vitamin C contains 10% L Ascorbic Acid aka a seriously potent dose of skin brightening and antioxidant protection.


Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum – £70

SHOP NOWBe the boss of your own complexion with this dark spot destroying vitamin C serum. Get your hands on the matching cleansing oil and moisturiser to complete the skin brightening trio.


Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum – £85

SHOP NOWGive tired and dull skin a good old wake up with this serum packed full of vitamin C and lactic acid formulated to speed up cell turnover so you’re left with your brightest complexion ever.


Medik8: C-Tetra – £35

The C-Tetra is a great starter Vitamin C serum, repairing visible sun damage and stimulating collagen production at an affordable price. Its key ingredient is Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (try saying that after a wine), the strongest and most stable derivative of Vitamin C. This is combined with Vitamin E, which boosts the anti-oxidising properties. The lower concentration of Vitamin C makes this serum ideal for people in their 20s and 30s, or those with sensitive skin.

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