You Need To See Millie Bobby Brown With A Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet

Today is a good good day peeps for not only do we have Lady Gaga’s epic new single Hold My Hand gracing our ears, but Stranger Things season 4 is finally upon us, gracing our eyes! Hip Hip! However, before you go and binge-watch the whole thing on Netflix, you need to see these behind-the-scenes pictures that Millie Bobby Brown just posted on Instagram.

The actor who plays Eleven on the show just shared six unseen snaps of herself alongside her season 4 costars to her IG feed. She captioned the post: ‘so many giggles! so much hard work! we hope you like it 💗 ‘.

However, as adorable as this is, amongst the pics of Millie, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin et al, we spy a hairstyle that reminds us of one iconic early 00s Hannah Montana actor. Yep, it is everyone’s favourite onscreen dad, Robby Steward aka: Billie Ray Cyrus.

With the show set in the 80s, and, in particular, season 4 being in 1986, it’s only right for the characters to represent the time with their looks. For this, season 4 Eleven has undone a radical transformation, looking ever so different to her season 3 self. She has gone from a short wavy bob to longer locks with shaved sides and an eyebrow-skimming fringe.
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Even though it reminded me of Billy Ray Cyrus (in the best way, obvi), is it just me or does this look really suit her?

Maybe it’s the plaid shirt or maybe it’s the mullet, but Millie BB x Billy RC is something I never thought I’d see.

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