10 Ingenious Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Turkey

Photo: gkrphoto (Shutterstock)

For a fun, assembly-line dinner activity with family, make turkey stuffed rice balls, or arancini. Commonly hiding a well of cheese inside, arancini can also be stuffed with meat. Cook and slightly cool a short-grain, sticky rice, like arborio. Stir in some cheese and an egg yolk, and let the rice cool completely. Meanwhile, prepare your meat filling: Chop up the leftover turkey and stir it with anything you like—maybe cheese and spices, or a bit of tomato sauce and herbs. Once your rice has cooled, flatten out a disc of it in your palm, heap a small spoonful of turkey filling, and close the edges up and around it. Roll each ball in beaten egg whites, then bread crumbs, followed by a quick fry in oil.

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