10 Lazy, Last-Minute Costumes You Can Throw Together Before Halloween

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What you need: A suit, a red necktie, an ax, a rain poncho, fake blood

If Risky Business is too dated for you or you just don’t feel comfortable leaving the house dressed as Tom Cruise not wearing pants, go as Patrick Bateman from the film American Psycho instead. It’s much newer. (Wait, American Psycho is 20 years old? Fuck.)

Anyway all it takes is a suit, a red tie, and a rain poncho— ideally one of clear plastic, but work with what you’ve got. While I wouldn’t recommend carrying around a real axe, it does sort of complete the look. Finish with a smear of fake blood to the face, and load the Wikipedia page for Huey Lewis and the News on your phone so you can read it to everyone you meet.

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