11 of the Best Life Advice Podcasts to Answer All Your Tough Questions

Image: How To! podcast logo/Slate

Need some advice? Sure, we all do. And where we could once turn to the newspaper columnists of yore (from Abby, to Ann, to Amy) to tell us how to live better, these days, advice-givers are all about podcasts.

It makes sense—the medium offer the perfect space to either call in with your own problem, or live vicariously through the issues of others. The Best Advice Show is perhaps my favorite advice show podcasts (I wrote about it here), but there are a slew of others, each of which caters to a niche audience. Whether you have a tough question about your relationship or a silly question about your sandwich punch card, these podcasts offer advice that will make you feel like you’re being hugged, give you a good laugh, set you on a better path, or make you feel less alone.

The only thing I am qualified to give advice on is which podcasts I think you should listen to, and I think you should listen all of these. Take a break from your problems by listening to other people talk about theirs, or call in to one or two and get some help from the experts.

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