12 of the Most Riveting Storytelling Podcasts Running

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Those clinging to something from their past—an unresolved argument, a lost friend, a misunderstood interaction with a family member, or an unsolved mystery of any kind—can call Jonathan Goldstein, host of Heavyweight, and he’ll search far and wide (perhaps farther and wider than necessary) to get an answer. Goldstein takes it upon himself to help listeners with their problems by personally flying across the country, calling long-lost family members, schools, and businesses, and doing a ridiculous amount of research. He teams up with the guest, checking in with them on his progress, and diving into their story to understand what he is truly in search of.

Episodes can feel heavy because they are (“Heavyweight” refers to the weight of past trauma)…but it’s also hilarious. Jonathan is sharp and self-deprecating, and shares all of his awkward confrontations (there are many). The writing is poetic, peppered with tiny details about Jonathan’s investigation, what people are wearing, and every step of his unusually complicated process. (It wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining otherwise.) In the end, Jonathan’s aim is to bring people together, help them resolve struggles with their own identities, and be a friend.

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