12 Unusual Condiments That Will Maximize Your Thanksgiving Flavors

Photo: Alp Aksoy (Shutterstock)

I’ve always been of the opinion that Thanksgiving food should have more heat. I get it, heat levels are a very personal thing, so roasting your bird in a nest of chilies would be risky. But with crispy roasted meats, potatoes, and vegetable sides on the table, it sure feels like we’re missing a huge opportunity here. Turn up the heat with a jar of chili crisp, or its spicy condiment cousin salsa macha on the table.

Heck, I would even say a shaker of straight chili flakes, pizzeria-style, would welcome on my heap of stuffing any day, but salsa macha is a more refined choice. Smear a tiny spoonful onto your green beans, or bless your mashed potatoes with a spot of the orange-hued oil.

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