13 of the Best New Things to Stream in November 2022

My Father’s Dragon (Netflix) arrives Nov. 11

My Father’s Dragon | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you, like me, long for the days where animation studios invested in hand-drawn 2D magic, then you can take comfort in My Father’s Dragon. Based on a classic children’s books by Ruth Stiles Gannett, the film follows a young boy who travels to an enchanted island filled with talking animals (not to be confused with Wild Things). Boy befriends beast (the titular dragon), and together, the two must save the island from a mysterious force causing it to sink into the sea.

Behind the film is Cartoon Saloon, the studio behind Best Animated Feature noms The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, The Breadwinner, and Wolfwalkers. Cartoon Saloon’s signature house style is always a journey through gorgeously drawn worlds, and My Father’s Dragon looks like it’ll live up to that legacy.

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