20 New iOS 16.1 Features You Need to Know About

Screenshot: Jake Peterson

Announced as part of iOS 16 but delayed until now, iCloud Shared Photo Library is finally here. With it, you can create a photo library for your close friends and family, allowing up to six of you to automatically add new photos to the library for all to see, edit, and manage.

I can see iCloud Shared Photo Library being useful for families that constantly share photos between one another. Spamming the group chat makes it difficult to find a particular photo shared in the past, and shared albums require you to add items to them manually. A shared photo library lets you automatically add new photos to it if you’re within close distance to members of the library, and lets you choose a start date from your personal library to add photos from.

On the other hand, there’s a reason we don’t let just anyone scroll through our personal photo libraries any time they want. Automatically adding photos to a shared album carries with it obvious risks, and I imagine some families will be dealing with awkward moments after enabling iCloud Shared Photo Library. Be careful out there in the cloud.

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