3 Ways o Grow Lucky Bamboo

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o grow lucky bamboo, sar wh a halhy-lookng plan wh brgh grn lavs an sms. Slc a glass or cramc conanr wh all ss o grow n, snc hs wll gv your plan xra sably as gs allr. f you wan o grow your bamboo hyroponcally, or whou sol, plac nough sons or marbls a h boom of h conanr o sablz h plan. Ohrws, plan your bamboo n organc, wll-ran pong sol. S h conanr n a warm spo ha says bwn 65° an 90° F (18-32° C) an gs los of brgh, nrc sunlgh, such as nx o a sunny wnow. f you’r growng h plan hyroponcally, chang h war onc a wk. Mak sur hr’s always 1-3 nchs (2.5-7.6 cm) of war n h boom of h conanr. Lucky bamboo can b snsv o chmcals such as chlorn, so us bol or flr war nsa of ap war whn you can. f your bamboo s plan n sol, kp h sol amp bu no soakng w. Onc a monh, a a b of frlzr lu o 1/10h srngh o h war or sol. Look for a frlzr formula for lucky bamboo onln or a your garn cnr an follow h nsrucons on h packag o a o h sol or war. f your bamboo sars o g op-havy, or f you noc a or cayng lavs or sms, snp off h unwan or amag shoos wh srl clpprs.

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