4 Reasons the Rivian R1T Is Better Than the Tesla Cybertruck

The Rivian R1T is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles ever manufactured, and the Cybertruck competitor beat it to market by quite some time. Although, after a period of uncertainty, the Cybertruck is back on the radar, and it might very well make its debut in 2023.

Regardless, the Rivian is here now, and it’s an amazing electric pickup truck. In fact, the R1T has tons of things going for it that even the Cybertruck can’t match.

1. The R1T Has the Most Advanced AWD System Ever

The über-technologically advanced Rivian R1T is an off-road monster. Tesla promises that the Cybertruck will be an extremely capable vehicle with insane towing capacity as well. But, the R1T sports the world’s most advanced AWD system courtesy of four independent electric motors. These motors are each assigned to one of the Rivian’s wheels, and the vehicle can send torque EXACTLY where needed. The Cybertruck might also be available as a four-motor variant, according to a tweet by Elon Musk.

But, the initial configurations for the Cybertruck did not mention a quad motor variant, with the only available options being single-motor, dual-motor, and tri-motor for the top level. The car market is very much about one-upping your competition, and if Rivian has four motors, Tesla clearly doesn’t want to be left in the dust.

The great thing about Rivian’s AWD system is that it incorporates all the off-road benefits of an extreme 4×4’s locking differentials but with even more capability. For example, if you’re navigating slippery terrain, the R1T can adjust the torque to each wheel to get you over most obstacles you encounter.

Not only this, but the R1T suffers none of the drawbacks associated with ultra-capable 4x4s once you’re out on the road. You can’t run around a paved parking lot with your vehicle’s differential locks engaged. The reason is that the drivetrain will be subjected to incredible amounts of stress, and can ultimately break, especially if you’re cornering with the diffs locked.

The Rivian avoids all this because the individual electric motors can act like the best diff locker off-road but immediately modulate the torque to each wheel while on pavement. This means you’ll never have to fumble around locking and unlocking your vehicle’s differentials because all the R1T’s magic is tied to its electric motors. It will be interesting to see how Tesla responds, but for now, the king of EV off-roaders is clearly the R1T.

2. The R1T Actually Exists

This might sound a bit petty, but the truth is that Rivian’s R1T beat the Tesla Cybertruck to market by a lot. Not only this, but the product is amazing. The Cybertruck promised stunning specifications and features when it was initially introduced to the world, but the R1T brought tons of innovative features to market in a truck you can buy right now.

If you lay down a $1,000 deposit for the Rivian R1T today, you can expect your truck to arrive in late 2023, according to Rivian’s R1T reservation page. The R1T isn’t perfect, mind. For example, Rivian recently recalled 13,000 R1T pickup trucks due to a nut that might not be sufficiently torqued in the recalled trucks. Regardless, events like this can be considered growing pains for new manufacturers.

In fact, even tried and tested automakers are sometimes subject to recalls. The important thing is that the R1T is being sold, and Rivian is learning from whatever feedback it’s receiving from the public and the owners. Whenever the Cybertruck hits the market, it will undergo a similar stage where all the small kinks will be ironed out.

3. Rivian Builds the Ultimate Camping Machine

The R1T is the best machine for your next outdoor adventure. The R1T was sold with a full kitchen that conveniently slides out of the Rivian’s Gear Tunnel. Rivian is currently in the process of redesigning the Camp Kitchen, but the lucky owners that previously opted for the R1T Camp Kitchen must be having the time of their lives.

The Cybertruck will no doubt be very capable, and perhaps Tesla will eventually offer a kitchen option, but at the moment, the R1T is the camping king. Imagine taking your R1T into the wilderness but having access to a full kitchen powered by your vehicle’s battery.

This is a great advantage of owning an EV because you can take onboard power wherever you go, courtesy of the immense battery. The R1T even features a sink that you can use to clean up your dirty dishes in the middle of nowhere.

The Rivian also has a built-in compartment to stow away the enormous kitchen, and the whole thing conveniently disappears from view when you’re done using it.

The Gear Tunnel houses the Camp Kitchen when it is no longer being used, and sliding it back out when you want to cook again is super easy. If you’re in the market for an overlanding vehicle that also happens to be an EV, you don’t need to look much further than the R1T.

4. The Rivian R1T Features a Gear Tunnel

Rivian thought of every little detail when designing the R1T. It’s evident that owners of this EV truck value utility over anything else, and the R1T delivers in this regard.

The R1T features a storage compartment called the Gear Tunnel, which runs from one side of the Rivian’s bed to the other. The Gear Tunnel is super useful for gear you don’t want to stow away in the R1T’s interior but also don’t want to throw in the truck’s bed. Most electric pickup trucks have great storage space, especially the ones with huge front trunks.

But, the R1T takes it one step further with the Gear Tunnel, showing that Rivian is thinking outside the box by incorporating storage space in a compartment other trucks don’t even have. In this case, the Rivian beats the Cybertruck, surpassing all other electric pickup trucks because the Gear Tunnel is unique to Rivian.

Tesla Has a Legitimate Competitor in Rivian

The R1T isn’t just a pretty face; it’s full of practical touches that set it apart from Tesla’s pickup truck offering. Rivian set out to design the ultimate adventure vehicle, and all the unique touches the R1T boasts are more than enough to set it apart from the competition, including the Cybertruck.

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