5 Kindle Settings to Change to Help You Read Better at Night

One of the many joys of owning a Kindle is carrying your library with you and reading whenever and wherever you wish. Easy on the eye, the Kindle screen gives the impression that you are reading a physical book.

The Kindle offers a range of great features to enable you to keep on reading as daylight fades and night falls. Now you can finish that page-turner even when it would be impossible to see the pages of a paperback.


1. Use Auto Brightness

Depending on which Amazon Kindle device you choose, there are several LED lights behind the front display, ranging from four LEDs in the basic Kindle to 25 in the top-of-the-range 300ppi Kindle Oasis. This means you can set the brightness to suit you.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the Quick Settings menu. Use the slider switch under Brightness to set the brightness to suit your environment.

You can also use the Auto Brightness feature, which allows the Kindle’s adaptive front light to change brightness based on the ambient light. Available on the Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis models, you simply check the Auto Brightness box in the Quick Settings menu to enable the feature.

2. Enable Nightlight

Your Kindle device also has a night light option for reading in the dark, gradually decreasing screen brightness over time as your eyes adjust to the darkness, so you’ll always be comfortable and won’t strain your eyes.

Access this feature through the main settings page. Go to All Settings > Device Options > Display Settings > Night Light to toggle it on.

3. Schedule Warm Light

Relax and enjoy your night reading sessions more by using Warm Light on your Kindle, a feature offered on newer Kindles. At the time of writing, this feature is only available in the Paperwhite 11th generation from 2021 or the Kindle Oasis 3, released in 2019.

To change the warmth of the light emitted by your screen, swipe down from the top of your screen to access the Quick Settings menu. Then just use the slider under Warmth to adjust your screen.

You can change it from white during daylight to a gentle amber for the night, which is easier on the eyes, will feel less like the blue light emitted by most devices, and could even help you sleep better.

You can schedule Warm Light to change the tone for you automatically between sunset and sunrise. All you need to do is tap Scheduled next to Warmth in the Quick Settings menu and set the schedule you want to use.

4. Use Dark Mode

If you’re reading for extended periods, especially in low-light settings, you may find that switching to dark mode is more soothing to your eyes. This feature gives you lighter text on a darker background, as many smartphones and tablets offer these days.

At the time of writing, Dark Mode is a feature only available on the Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation (2018) or newer or the Oasis 2 or 3 models.

It’s easy to enable dark mode on your Kindle. All you need to do is swipe down from the top of your screen to access the Quick Settings menu and tap the Dar Mode button near the top right corner of your screen.

5. Enlarge Your Kindle’s Display Size

You can change the font size on your Kindle easily to customize your reading experience. But there’s also the option to change the display size to make the text and images in key areas of your Kindle larger. Menu screens and images are more prominent and easier to navigate if you’re reading at night.

Go to All Settings > Device Options > Display Settings > Display Size to change from standard to large display size, so it’s easier on your eyes.

Enjoy Night Reading on Your Kindle

Using the low light features on your Kindle means that you can read easily at night or in any situation where there’s not enough light to enjoy a traditional book.

With several Kindle models to choose from, it pays to do your research and pick the most suitable model for your needs, especially if you like to read at night.

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