5 Reasons to Buy the AirPods Pro 2

The second generation of Apple’s AirPods Pro takes the wireless earbuds to a new level with a variety of additional features to make the overall experience even better.

Here’s why you’ll want to pick up the AirPods Pro 2.

1. Improved Audio Features

The AirPods Pro 2 is the first AirPods model to offer the new H2 chip that brings an improved audio experience. Apple says you’ll hear richer bass and clearer sound across a wide range of frequencies. A new Adaptive Transparency option allows for on-device processing to better reduce loud environmental noise (like sirens) so you can better hear the music and what’s going on around you.

Active Noise Cancellation is also even better so you can completely cancel out the sound around you and focus on the music. Find out more about how what Active Noise Cancellation is and how it works.

To find the most secure fit and sound, Apple is now also including a new extra small size of silicone eartips as well. There is also a small, medium, and large set to try.

The touch control on the AirPods Pro stem has also been tweaked for the better. Control the volume with a light swipe up or down on the stem. Press the stem to change music, answer phone calls, and more.

2. Better Battery Life

Battery life is always important with wireless earbuds, and the AirPods Pro 2 makes a nice leap forward. The earbuds now provide up to six hours of playback, adding 1.5 hours from the first generation of earbuds.

Combined with the charging case, you can go for up to 30 hours of music playback before needing a charge, That’s a full six hours more than the first-generation AirPods Pro.

3. Personalized Spatial Audio

New to the AirPods 2 is Personalized Spatial Audio. If you haven’t heard of Spatial Audio, make sure to read our primer on the technology.

The Personalized Spatial Audio works in tandem with the TrueDepth camera on an iPhone that creates a custom profile dependent on the size and shape of your head and ears. The result is a more custom sound experience. The profile will be synced across all of your devices on a single iCloud account.

4. A Better Charging Case

The AirPods Pro 2 case is also sporting new features as well. You’ll see the new speaker holes on the bottom of the case that can help you locate it when lost using the Find My app. Just listen for the tone. Along with being sweat- and water-resistant, there is a new lanyard loop so you can attach it to a bag or elsewhere without needing a third-party case.

5. MagSafe and Apple Watch Charger Compatible

While you can still charge the AirPods Pro 2 with a Lightning cable, wireless charging is much more convenient for many users. In the previous model, you could use any Qi-compatible charging pad or even the MagSafe charger for an iPhone. Later models of the original AirPods Pro case would attach directly to a MagSafe charger.

But now, anyone with an Apple Watch will also be very happy to hear that the AirPods 2 can also be charged with the same cord used for the wearable device. That means there’s one less cable you’ll need to carry with you while traveling.

Turn the Volume With AirPods Pro

Thanks to the personalized Spatial Audio, improved battery life, and more, the AirPods Pro 2 provide a great way to enjoy your music and much more.

If you’re wanting a premium audio experience in a small package, the latest generation of AirPods Pro are hard to beat.

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