5 Reasons to Consider Buying an E-Bike

Just like electric cars are taking over our roads, electrification is also taking over other forms of transportation. Electric mobility is the next big thing, and this includes e-bikes. Electric bikes offer tons of benefits compared to traditional bikes, especially if you don’t want to arrive sweaty at your destination.

1. You Can Conquer More Difficult Trails With Your E-Bike’s Electric Assistance

Your e-bike can help you navigate trails that might be too difficult to conquer without electrical assistance. If you’ve been thinking about taking up cycling but are scared of quitting mid-route, an e-bike might be your perfect companion. With a traditional bike, you’re doing all the work, but with certain e-bikes, you can choose the level of assistance you’re getting from the bike.

This allows you to bike up a trail, and when the going gets tough, you can turn to your electric bike for some friendly assistance in conquering steep hills. E-bikes also look quite discrete, so it will be hard for the casual observer to tell that you’re riding an e-bike. This is also great for older people, especially if you’re actively trying to get out into nature again but are aware that there will be certain limitations in the beginning.

E-bikes allow seniors the luxury of exploring trails they might not have been able to traverse without the help of an electric motor. They also allow the elderly to regain their independence, especially in cities that are bike friendly. Imagine being able to bike to the supermarket as a senior citizen and simply rely on electrical assistance on the way home, especially if you’re confronted with tough, steep roads.

2. You Can Charge Your E-Bike With Your EV Pickup Truck While on the Trail

If you have an EV pickup truck that can supply external power from its battery, then you can most definitely charge your e-bike on the fly. Imagine going off-roading in your EV pickup truck and attacking whatever awesome trail you find on your e-bike. After riding your bike on the trail, you can return to your EV and charge it for more fun.

This is an awesome scenario that will play out more as EVs continue to proliferate. Of course, you should be mindful of how much range you have left; you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of the woods while charging your e-bike.

Although, if you have a fully charged e-bike, you shouldn’t be in too much trouble. This is especially true if your e-bike has a throttle and a big battery. You can end up using it as an emergency vehicle on the trail if your EV runs out of juice, which sounds like a dream scenario for anyone that’s into the outdoor’s lifestyle. But, with an e-bike, it’s a very real possibility.

3. Electric Bikes Are Emission-Free

Just in case you didn’t know, e-bikes are tailpipe emissions-free. If you substitute your e-bike for your car while running some of your daily errands, you can be sure to minimize your carbon footprint. Because e-bikes are motor-assisted, you can get to your destination quickly and efficiently, all the while saving money and being eco-friendly.

If you live in a city with bike-friendly infrastructure, it’s always a great idea to take advantage of this and bike wherever you need to go. Some e-bikes are specifically outfitted to carry things, so going shopping with your e-bike is most definitely a possibility. Wherever you need to go, you know you’re making a green choice by not taking your vehicle with you.

If you have solar panels at home, you can charge your e-bike using solar energy and reduce your environmental impact significantly. This guarantees that the charging process will truly be emission-free. This is also true if you live in a city where most of the energy comes from renewable energy sources, like hydropower.

4. Take Your E-Bike Places You Normally Wouldn’t Ride a Bike

Because e-bikes are electric-motor assisted, you can take them places you normally wouldn’t consider taking your normal bike. So if you’re thinking about replacing your car with a bike, but are scared of arriving sweaty to important meetings, fret not. With an e-bike, especially an e-bike with a throttle, you can bike anywhere you want without breaking a sweat. This is super convenient for people that live in cities that are bike friendly but are also working professionals.

Nobody wants to arrive at the office drenched in sweat, and because of this, an e-bike will be your best friend. Pedal-assisted e-bikes can also help you get places feeling dry and refreshed, but ideally, you want an e-bike with a throttle for situations like this. If your daily commute is full of hills and more challenging terrain, you should research the range on the e-bike you’re considering. The important thing to remember is that hills and challenging terrain will deplete the bike’s battery more quickly.

5. Save Money By Riding Your E-Bike!

If you ride your e-bike to more places, you can save tons of money that would normally go towards filling up your car. The great thing about e-bikes is that they actually incentivize you to use them, especially from an ease of use perspective.

With a normal bike, people might be reluctant to use it as a daily form of transport because of the effort involved. But, with an electric bike, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling great and much dryer than with a traditional bike. It definitely incentivizes people to use their e-bike for their daily routine and saves a lot of cash in the process. If you have an EV-ready home, you should consider adding an e-bike to your electric vehicle’s stable.

E-Bikes Are Rising In Popularity

E-bikes are already very popular in European countries. Now, they’re also starting to see a huge boom in popularity in the United States. The truth is, it seems like anything electric is flying off the shelves these days.

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