5 Tesla Model X Plaid Features That Will Blow Your Mind

The standard Tesla Model X is one of the coolest EVs you can buy, and it’s a pioneer in the large luxury EV realm. It might not be the most attractive electric SUV out there, but the Model X has some awesome tricks up its sleeve.

The falcon doors are probably the SUV’s trademark and lend it tons of “wow factor.” It’s completely unexpected to see a family SUV with supercar-style doors, but the Model X Plaid version ups the ante with even crazier features than the standard model.

1. The Model X’s Trademark Feature Is Its Falcon Doors

The Model X Plaid has many features that the standard Model X does without, but the amazing falcon doors are standard fare across the Model X lineup. These doors are probably the single coolest feature of any vehicle on the road.

This isn’t hyperbole either. The falcon doors truly make a visual impact wherever you go, and the fact that the otherwise conservatively styled Model X is equipped with them is even more shocking. In addition, Tesla allows the driver to control the falcon doors through the vehicle’s touchscreen, which is very convenient.

All the Model X’s doors are power operated and feature soft-close functionality. The falcon doors are the stars of the show and feature sensors, so they won’t open into objects that leave them worse for wear. Arriving anywhere in the Model X turns from a non-event into a complete spectacle once the falcon doors commence their graceful opening act.

In white, and with the falcon doors outstretched in all their glory, the Model X looks like a metallic bird ready to devour lesser cars on the road. Needless to say, the Model X’s falcon doors are the ultimate party trick. The next generation Model X will have to pull out all the stops if it wants to outshine the current gen.

2. The Model X Plaid Features Insane Acceleration

The Model X Plaid is the quickest SUV the world has ever seen. It’s really not even close. The numbers are breathtaking, and it’s almost a guarantee that most of your passengers will decline any more rides with you after experiencing the insane acceleration.

This electric missile isn’t just quick for an SUV; it will absolutely demolish supercars all day long. The 9.9 seconds it takes to devour the quarter-mile run is on a different planet than most supercars.

In this regard, the Model X Plaid is a real deal because, in terms of speed for the money, the fastest Model X is pretty much alone in the world. If you’re all about 0-60 MPH runs, then the Model X Plaid will also make sure to annihilate anything it meets on its way there. 2.5 seconds is all the time it takes to get this gigantic EV rolling at 60 MPH.

Pretty much the only car you’ll have to fear is the Model X Plaid’s brother, the ultra-quick Model S Plaid. Tesla definitely created the ultimate sleeper in the Model X Plaid.

3. The Model X Plaid Is Equipped With Triple Electric Motors

Thanks to the three electric motors that drive the Model X Plaid, it puts out a ludicrous 1,020 horsepower. With this amount of power, it doesn’t compete with any traditional SUVs. Not even the ultra-expensive Lamborghini Urus can drag race the Model X Plaid without getting thoroughly embarrassed. Just for reference, the Lamborghini SUV is well over $200k. So, in terms of performance for your dollar, the $138,990 Model X Plaid starts looking like a huge steal next to some of the insanely overpriced gasoline SUVs.

The story is the same when you compare the Model X Plaid to the Bentley Bentayga, another ultra-overpriced SUV from the VW umbrella. 1,000 horsepower is a mythical number in the world of sports cars, and the fact that the Model X Plaid can achieve this number from its three electric motors is just mind-blowing, especially considering it can seat multiple people in comfort and style.

The only thing that could possibly top the current Model X Plaid is if Tesla ever decides to build a quad-motor version, which would probably be too much for public roads.

4. The Ultra White Vegan Leather Interior Is Absolutely Crisp

Tesla interiors get backlash for being boring and not being built to the standard of competitors. However, this theory flies out the window with the super modern, Ultra White interior of the Model X Plaid.

The back seats are especially cool, and they appear to be floating in the spacious cabin of the Model X. In terms of aesthetic appeal, there aren’t many other luxury SUVs that can match the futuristic vibe the Model X Plaid exudes. To top it all off, the white seats aren’t real leather; they’re actually vegan “leather.”

If you’re looking for an SUV with one of the most sumptuous interiors out there, devoid of cow-hide, you’ve come to the right place in the Model X Plaid. Eco-friendly materials in an EV will be the next frontier electric vehicles will need to conquer, and at least Tesla is forgoing cow hides in its interiors.

Many people complain that the Model X should have real leather interiors, especially because of its price. But this isn’t the direction the industry is heading. It’s only a matter of time before leather interiors seem as outdated as gas engines in cars.

5. The Yoke Also Makes an Appearance in the Model X Plaid

Many people hate the yoke steering wheel. But, the strange user interface has made its way to the Model X Plaid regardless. So, it’s normal that people would feel hesitant to accept the yoke immediately, especially because steering wheels have gone largely unchanged for many years.

Whether you love it or hate it, what’s undeniable is that the yoke is different. It almost looks like an F1 steering wheel and is loaded with tons of useful features.

The aim is to streamline the Tesla interior and make the driver’s life easier. Whether the mission has been accomplished or not is relatively up to individual taste, but the yoke combines a lot of functionality into a neat little package.

Buttons for the signal lights are present on the yoke, and even the windshield wiper button is relegated to the quirky steering device. Driving with the yoke might take some time to get used to it, but who knows? Perhaps the yoke is the future of steering devices.

The Model X Plaid Is a Performance Bargain

It might not be immediately apparent, but the Model X Plaid is an absolute performance bargain. For the price, its performance is unbeatable. This is especially true when you consider you can take six passengers with you on your journey.

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