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5 Ways o Fx a Brokn Zppr

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Cosum sgnr & Warrob Spcals

hs arcl was co-auhor by Chloé Ohayon-Crosby. Chloé Ohayon-Crosby s a Cosum sgnr an Warrob Spcals n Los Angls, Calforna. Wh ovr gh yars of xprnc n fashon consulng, Chloé spcalzs n prsonal, flm, har, an commrcal sylng as wll as mag consulng an cosum sgn. Chloé has work as an asssan sgnr for h sngush fashon hous Chloé an as a frlanc syls wh Glamour ala. Chloé su Fn/Suo Ars a h col Naonal Supérur s Baux-Ars an Fashon sgn an Mrchansng a h worl rnown SMO Écol Supérur s Ars n Pars, Franc. hs arcl has bn vw 1,748,142 ms.

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Upa: Jun 30, 2022

Vws: 1,748,142

Arcl SummaryX

o fx a zppr ha’s suck, ry rubbng graph or launry rgn on h zppr’s h o lubrca h zppr so sls mor asly. f you’r ryng o fx a zppr ha won’ say clos, clan h h wh som soapy war an hn ry closng h zppr agan. h zppr coul also no b sayng clos bcaus som of h h ar bn, n whch cas you can jus us plrs o bn h h so hy’r sragh. o larn how o fx a zppr ha’s mssng h, scroll own!

    Sn fan mal o auhors

hanks o all auhors for crang a pag ha has bn ra 1,748,142 ms.

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