6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lurk on Your Ex’s Social Media

Break-ups are painful. Looking back at lives with our exes has become easier to do than it was before we had social media. With everyone sharing posts and photos online, the temptation to check what your ex is doing could be overwhelming.

If you can’t get over someone, and you are finding yourself checking what they’re doing online, it could be detrimental to your healing process. We’ll look at reasons why you shouldn’t do it, no matter how curious you are.

1. It Could Stop You From Moving On

It’s not easy to get over someone, especially if the relationship ended too soon. There are many negative effects of social media on relationships, and unfortunately, these days it’s become all too easy for us to re-hash the past by looking up an ex’s social profile.

By viewing your ex’s social media profile, you’ll not only see posts of them with others, you might even see posts of you with them. The collection of memories stored on social platforms could impact your ability to move on from the relationship.

2. It Could Impact Your Current Relationship

If you are in a relationship, looking your ex up on social media could have some negative consequences for you and your current partner. Whatever you are hoping to find by snooping through your ex’s profiles, will likely invoke some feelings, and it is not fair for your partner if you haven’t fully moved on from the past.

3. It Might Lead to Misinterpretations

If you are looking your ex up online, and you see something on their profile which could be misinterpreted. You might end up making a story in your head about what is going on. For example, if you see your ex in photos in which they are not looking happy, you might be tempted to think that they are pining over you.

What you are seeing could be completely wrong, and it could mislead you into thinking and seeing things that are not there.

4. It Could Be Addictive

Everyone has a right to privacy in their life. Your ex might be a serial poster, but it doesn’t mean that they are inviting you to look them up online. If you start to look your ex up more frequently, you may find yourself becoming addicted to doing it.

Any type of obsession is not healthy which is why you should know your limits before the desire to find out what they’re doing becomes overwhelming.

5. You Might Get the Urge to Reach Out

If you are spending a lot of time scrolling through your ex’s social media accounts, you may find yourself in a moment of weakness, and you could be tempted to reach out to them.

While it is perfectly okay to reconnect with someone from the past, you should ask yourself if reconnecting with your ex will do you more harm than good.

6. It’s Not Good For Your Self-Esteem

If your ex has moved on from your relationship, and they are now with someone else, seeing them with their new partner on social media could impact your self-esteem. You might start comparing yourself to their new partner, or worse, you might start feeling like you’re not good enough.

It’s important to remember that you broke up for a reason and checking your ex’s social media accounts is only taking precious time away from you. There are so many ways for you to occupy your time, from downloading break up apps to get over your ex to spending time with people who care about you.

There Are More Reasons Not to Lurk

Breakups are never easy, but there are ways for you to protect your mental health so that you can move on with your life in a healthy way. Looking your ex up on social media is not something that will help you heal. It could potentially contribute to poor mental health. With so many reasons not to do it, it may be time to say goodbye to your ex once and for all.

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