6 Websites to Make Christmas Planning Easy for Stress-Free Holidays

The closer we get to Christmas, the sooner you need to start preparing for the big day. These websites will help plan a smooth Christmas, ensuring stress-free and happy holidays. Doing things at the last-minute leads to unnecessary stress, running around, and a whole lot of over-spending.

That’s why we put together a guide of a few websites that help you get organized for Christmas. You’ll learn how to pick the best tree for you, get free printables and organizers, download designs and art, and even queue up the playlist for the big day.

Is it really Christmas if you don’t have a Christmas tree? Buying the perfect tree isn’t easy, though. Tree lots will try to sell you something you don’t need or can’t use in your house. That’s why you need this guide to pick the perfect Christmas Tree.

Follow the guide’s links in order. It’ll tell you the pros and cons of buying a real tree or a fake tree. It then tells you how to select the perfect tree for you. There is a comprehensive page with tree varieties and their features. And the site also advises you on how to flock your tree and keep it safe from bugs and pests.

Finally, the website lists tree farms, tree lots, and other places to buy it, divided by states in the USA. It also has recommendations for a few other countries. These farms and lots vary, including those where you can cut the tree yourself, as well as places with rides and fun activities.

All in all, Pick Your Own Christmas Tree is the best and most detailed resource to find the perfect tree for your house during the holidays. If you’re up for a little tech challenge and looking to add some pizzazz to your Christmas tree, you can also try out DIY smart Christmas tree projects.

Organized Home by Cynthia Ewer has a dedicated page for Christmas that you must visit well in advance. Although you can use Google tools to plan your Christmas, it’s sometimes much easier to just use ready-made templates.

Through planners, tips, checklists, and printable forms, Ewer will make sure you are as prepped as you’ll ever be. The main blog is a series of posts focusing primarily on tips and advice, divided into a few categories: get organized, holiday plans, gifts, and crafts.

The posts are what any average person needs, telling you how to be frugal while looking good, suggesting holiday ideas and wrapping methods, and so on. Make sure you don’t stick to the latest posts alone, go back to find tips from previous years!

The crown jewel of Organized Home is the page packed with free printables. The Christmas Countdown Checklist, as well as the House and Holidays Plan, give you an excellent weekly breakdown of chores and activities to plan your holidays. Don’t miss out on this one.

Christmas Headquarters wants to be your one-stop shop for any resource you’d need for the festive season. It has designs and decorations you can download for free, a repository of carols, and a collection of ideas, tips, and recipes like any other blog.

The design downloads are the highlight of Christmas HQ. You can download clip art, backgrounds, borders, images, and fonts to spruce up your decorations. All of these are completely free, and available in high resolution. The font collection is especially cool, and you’ll have fun tweaking it to create your own Christmas cards.

The Carols page is worth a look too. You’ll get the full lyrics of all popular Christmas carols. Each carol also includes a brief history of its meaning and popularity, as well as a short YouTube clip of how it’s sung.

Similarly, the website is full of historical information about Christmas. You can learn why we hang stockings, the meaning behind wreaths, the tradition behind Christmas sweaters, and so on. Stock up on these facts and wow your friends at the party.

All Things Christmas is a website dedicated to covering a variety of topics related to the holiday season. The two-person team behind All Things Christmas is Chantelle Joy and her daughter, Lydia.

From decorating, music, recipes, to family traditions, you can get all the information you need to plan for a perfect Christmas from the site. If you’re hosting a Christmas party or any large gathering, you’ll also find party game ideas.

Their YouTube channel features several videos that focus on crafts and DIY ideas. They are clear and beginner-level guides for handmade stuff which you can do with your kids. There are also reviews of Christmas-related products and toys. If you want a mother and her daughter’s opinion on the items you’ll likely see in toy stores, it’s worth checking it out!

A few good folks put together a website packed with free-to-stream movies, cartoons, and other videos, all focused on Christmas. You no longer have to go searching on Netflix to watch something with the family or keep the kids entertained.

It’s a pretty good list, too. It includes classics like The Miracle on 34th Street, Scrooge, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. There’s also a collection of classic cartoons like Jack Frost and The Little King’s Christmas Night. Convenient, right?

When you’re ready for Christmas carols, you don’t need to hunt for a Spotify playlist or anything else. Fire up YouTube, go to the Ultimate Christmas Channel, and let it rip.

The videos are long compilations of various tracks. For example, Christmas Songs for Children is 45 minutes long, and saves you the trouble of queuing them up.

Subscribe to this channel right now, and you’ll be prepared to deck the halls when the time comes. If you prefer to play your music offline, you can also opt to download some royalty-free Christmas music.

Get Ready for Your Best Christmas Yet

There’s a lot to do when you’re planning for Christmas, so we hope the sites that we covered above can help you stay organized and prepared. Planners and checklists will help you stay on track, ensuring you won’t miss out someone’s gift or forget an essential ingredient for your main dish.

So, get the ball rolling right away to prevent last-minute hiccups! When everything is ready and done, head to Christmas movie sites and music channels to relax and enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.

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