7 Mobile Workout Apps That Seniors Will Love

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  • 7 Mobile Workout Apps for People Over the Age of 50
  • The 7 Best Workout App Options for Older Adults
  • The Top 7 Fitness Apps for Seniors

Exercising regularly when you’re over a certain age is incredibly important. An active lifestyle can have lasting and life-changing results; a few of them being disease prevention, improved mental wellness, and better balance.


Today, there are so many awesome exercise apps out there, making it easy for seniors to stay as active as possible. If you’re an older adult, and you need a little help following a daily exercise regimen, below is a list of the best mobile workout apps for seniors.

1. Senior Fitness

High-intensity workouts are not the safest choice for seniors. But being fit and healthy doesn’t mean you have to do anything intense, moderate exercise on a daily basis is all you need to improve your physical and mental health.

Senior Fitness is a free, easy-to-navigate mobile app with simple and low-impact exercises. A few of the exercises include head tilts, shoulder stretches, and heel raises. The best part is that about 99% of the exercises can be done while seated in a chair, which is perfect for those who find it hard to stand or have medical issues. Be sure to read the instructions or watch the demonstration videos if you’re not sure how to do a specific exercise.

Download: Senior Fitness for Android (Free)

2. Tai Chi Fit OVER 50

Tai chi is one of the best exercises for seniors because of how slow and gentle each movement is. The benefits of tai chi are endless, and it can improve your balance, stability, and flexibility. There are plenty of tai chi apps available; but, Tai Chi Fit OVER 50 is perfect for seniors with limited mobility.

Led by America’s favorite Tai Chi master teacher, David-Dorian Ross, who also teaches online tai chi classes, this mobile app features a quick and simple tai chi lesson. The app is free to download, but unfortunately, you need to pay a small once-off fee to unlock the actual tai chi session.

Download: Tai Chi Fit OVER 50 for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Yoga | Down Dog

Whether you’re old or young, yoga is a lovely way to exercise without doing anything too extreme. However, for seniors, yoga can have plenty of major health benefits, like improved mental health, better sleep, and reduced stress.

Down Dog is the perfect yoga app for seniors. It allows you to choose your level of experience, your favorite voice narrator, music style, pace, and if you want to focus on a specific body part. The styles of yoga vary from fast-moving cardio flow to gentle chair yoga, which is a lot more suited for older adults. Before you begin, feel free to first learn the basics so that you can master all the beginner yoga poses.

Download: Yoga | Down Dog for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

4. Over Fifty Fitness

If you’re a senior who is looking to lose some weight, gain some muscle, or boost your health, then this is the mobile exercise app for you. Over Fifty Fitness is a mobile app created with people over the age of 50 in mind, from stretching and mobility classes to guided meditation sessions.

There are so many options available on Over Fifty Fitness. You can search by workout type, time, instructor, focus area, and intensity, making it super easy to find the ideal workout for you. Why not try one of the challenges available on the app, such as the 10-Day Legs & Booty Challenge 2.0 with PJ, who has been a fitness instructor since 1995? This workout challenge is a great mix of strength, cardio, and flexibility.

Download: Over Fifty Fitness for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

5. Sitting Cardio

Just because you have limited mobility or problems with your balance doesn’t mean you can’t boost your physical fitness. Yes, it is possible to stay active and exercise while sitting! If you’re looking for a mobile app with a broad range of seated exercises, then download Sitting Cardio now.

Once downloaded, open the app and choose your fitness level. For beginners, your workout session only lasts about 10 minutes and includes fun moves like the orchestra director, chicken, and window cleaner. The Sitting Cardio app is particularly engaging because of the lively music that goes along with each exercise. Please note that when you do an exercise, make sure you’re sitting on your bed or a comfortable chair with no armrests.

Download: Sitting Cardio for Android (Free)

6. Step Counter – Pedometer

Turning walking into a daily routine can help you lead a more active lifestyle, but it can also improve a senior’s health in many ways. Whether you’re walking in the park or around the block, walking can strengthen muscles and joints, and help you live longer!

Step Counter is a pedometer mobile app that is the ideal way to track your walking distance, calories burned, and walking time. With the built-in sensor and all the free features available on this app, it is simply the best easiest step counter you’ll ever use. Report graphs, a water reminder, and a step goal are only a handful of the awesome aspects of the app.

Download: Step Counter for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Pilates Workouts

Doing Pilates is an excellent way to exercise, and it is the perfect workout for seniors, but why? Pilates is extremely low-impact, yet it still works your whole body, strengthening your muscles at the same time.

If you want to try Pilates from the comfort of your own home, take part in online Pilate classes or download the Pilates Workouts mobile app. This Pilates app creates a customized plan designed according to your needs and goals. For seniors, it’s best to stick to the easy Pilates plan, which features gentle exercises like leg circles, butt bridges, and heel touches. Additionally, if you want you can add a two-minute warm-up before each workout session.

Download: Pilates Workouts for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Seniors Can Benefit From Downloading These Mobile Exercise Apps

If you’re someone who is over the age of 50, and you find it difficult to get up and move, then you need to try these exercise apps. Not only are they easy to use, but the exercise sessions are fun and make working out enjoyable.

As you get older, your body changes, as do your exercise needs, so it’s time to adapt to those changes. Take a look at these exercise app options for older adults and give them a try!

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