7 Reasons Why the iPad Is Perfect for Students

The iPad has drastically changed since Steve Jobs first revealed it in 2010. It went from a device that sits between a laptop and a smartphone to a device that can potentially replace the laptop altogether.

Apple’s iPads have also been used in schools since its inception, but the tablet has become more capable recently and has become a serious option for students worldwide.

1. Versatility

The iPad now offers multiple forms of input; touch, pencil, and mouse. As a result, the iPad can now be your tablet, laptop, and notepad—all at the same time. You can use it just like a regular tablet, then use the Apple Pencil to write notes in class. Writing out notes in class usually is better for remembering them compared to typing them out.

But when you have to type up your next paper, you can connect a physical keyboard to the iPad to make writing the essay more seamless. iPads have become versatile products, rather than just tablets. The iPad can adapt to your needs or any situation and be the device you need to get your classwork done.

2. Design and Portability

Since the iPad Pro redesign in 2018, iPads have become incredibly thin and light. The refreshed design with minimal bezels makes them even more portable, allowing you to easily take one out during a lecture or put it in a backpack. Since iPads are very light, they won’t add much weight to your bag, which is excellent since students have to carry around multiple textbooks and more.

3. Apple Pencil

If you purchase an iPad Air, iPad Pro, or iPad Mini, you will have the option to buy the second-generation Apple Pencil. The second-generation Apple Pencil is arguably one of the best digital writing experiences on a tablet. If you are in school for graphic design, the iPad and Apple Pencil are great tools for your work. In addition to that, you can find several apps that are great for the Apple Pencil.

4. Cellular Connection

Having a stable internet connection to allow you to connect to a Zoom call or upload an assignment is paramount in school. Apple laptops don’t have built-in cellular, and using a phone hotspot can be tedious and drain your phone’s battery quickly. However, you can buy the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad mini with 5G cellular capabilities. You don’t have to carry another device to connect to the internet if Wi-Fi is unavailable.

The major carriers in the US also offer plans for iPads. You can also purchase an iPad on an installment plan through carriers such as AT&T and Verizon if you prefer to pay for the device monthly.

5. iPadOS is Capable

In 2019, Apple rebranded the iPad’s operating system to iPadOS, and ever since, the company has been adding desktop-class features to make the software catch up with the hardware.

For instance, iPadOS 13 brought desktop-class browsing to Safari, allowing you to view websites with the desktop view by default. This makes sense compared to the mobile version since most of the current iPads have displays larger than 10 inches.

You can also add widgets to your iPad’s home screen, allowing you to view information quickly.

6. High-Quality Cameras

Apple’s iPads feature exceptional cameras for all the things you may need them for. Your video calls will look crispy clear, unlike mediocre laptop webcams, and you’ll be able to show people what you can see with the forward-facing camera. In addition, you can use the high-quality primary cameras on the iPad to scan documents onto your device effortlessly. This feature can be beneficial to your coursework.

iPadOS has hundreds of thousands of apps available on the App Store. Microsoft Office is available on iPadOS, allowing you to write papers with Word, create spreadsheets in Excel, and craft your next presentation in PowerPoint. These apps are not watered-down versions of their desktop counterparts. They are capable and can get the job done for any assignment you may have for school.

If you prefer Apple’s suite, iWork is also available on the iPad. Some third-party apps can also take your note-taking to the next level. Notability, for instance, is arguably the best note-taking app you can use on the iPad. You can use the Apple Pencil to draw and animate your notes instead of just having a wall of text.

The app is also great for taking notes in math classes since simply writing equations in a word processor is not ideal, and you don’t have to carry multiple paper notebooks. There are also a variety of drawing and painting apps that are great for the iPad.

The iPad has many accessories that can entirely change your use. For students, one of the best accessories you can get is the Apple Pencil. It’s the perfect writing tool for the iPad, as it can quickly charge magnetically, and you can carry it around with you.

Apple’s own Magic Keyboard is an excellent option if you are looking for a great case that also houses a keyboard. It props the iPad up in a floating position, allowing you to adjust it to your liking. The floating design allows you to easily remove the iPad for tablet mode since magnets hold it in place. It also comes with a trackpad if you prefer that for navigating the user interface.

If you don’t plan to use a physical keyboard often with your iPad, Apple sells a cheaper Smart Keyboard Folio, which is a cross between the Smart Cover Folio and the Magic Keyboard. Lastly, it’s always great to have a thumb drive available in case you need to print an assignment at school. Since the iPads with USB-C ports support external USB devices, purchasing a USB-C flash drive is a good idea.

The iPad Is More Than You Think

The iPad has evolved into a versatile device that can suit the needs of many people, including students. You can use it as a tablet, a notebook for your notes, or a laptop replacement. It’s an underrated device that is more capable than people realize and is perfect for students. Now, all you have to do is choose the best iPad for your needs.

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