8 Online Tools to Generate Human-Like Voiceovers

Thanks to the ever-improving text-to-speech technology, it’s now quite possible to generate lifelike voices with a few clicks. This technology not only saves the cost of hiring voice actors, but also provides a better way to scale your production efforts.

If you’ve decided to give automatic voiceovers a try, here are the top eight online tools to generate human-like voiceovers.

Animaker started as a fuss-free tool for generating animations and videos, but has since grown into a suite of creative tools. Now, you can create videos, design images, make presentations, and generate voiceovers.

The Animaker Voice feature lets you create voiceovers in around 50 languages and 200 voices. The process is super simple. After typing the script, select the gender, language, and voice. Using the audio icon on the left side, you can adjust the speed, pitch, and volume. Likewise, it lets you add emphasis and whispering effects.

Although there’s a free plan, it doesn’t let you download voices, so it’s of little use. You can just play with the tool to see if it works for you, and then upgrade to the Pro plan. This provides you with unlimited voice projects, more voices, auto-enhancement, and a voice download option. The Voice Pro plan costs $19 per month.

Thanks to Murf, generating human-like voices is a breeze. The tool lets you add numerous effects to the voice, which makes it more natural. Besides its collection of 120 voices in 20 languages, Murf has a library of pre-made video templates.

The feature-rich Murf studio lets you filter voices by gender, age, and use case. You can add background music from its library and adjust the pitch, speed, pauses, and emphasis.

Murf’s capabilities aren’t just limited to generating voiceover using text-to-speech technology. Instead, it can also add voiceover to videos, edit your recording, and clone voices. It comes with an online voice changer tool that enables you to create professional-quality voiceovers. It even lets you collaborate with your team members if you’re on the Enterprise plan.

Murf has three paid and a free plan. The free one doesn’t let you download the generated voice. Instead, you can only share the voice via a link. The paid plans start from $13 per month.

Voicebooking is a platform that connects voice actors with clients. However, if you’re short on budget, you can use its AI voiceover generator to create natural-sounding voices.

You can try the tool without even logging in. Just type in your text, pick the voice and language, and play the voice. To download the voice or add effects, you’ll have to register on the site. The free plan limits you to nine projects and three downloads, while the paid plan costs around $5 per month.

Looking for an online tool that generates voices and adds them to your video? Try VoiceOverMaker.

Whether you need to generate a simple voice, add a voiceover to a video, or create a screen recording with voice, VoiceOverMaker got you covered. It can even generate a podcast-like voice by arranging multiple audios together. Thanks to the feature-rich tool, you can adjust the audio settings according to your use case.

Thanks to its speech-to-text abilities, you can transcribe and translate your audio or videos. VoiceOverMaker has browser extensions and supports around 30 languages and 600 voices.

The free plan provides access to all features, but caps the characters to 800 and prohibits commercial use. The other three subscription plans cost around $9, $14, and $31, respectively.

Part of the Microsoft family, Clipchamp is a browser-based video editor. In addition to other tools, there is also a free voiceover generator. Clipchamp’s voiceover generator supports 70 languages in 170 different voices. Other than choosing from the three different speeds, there’s nothing much that you can adjust.

Although the voices generated are surprisingly natural, you can only add them to videos made using Clipchamp, as there’s no way to download audios. The free Clipchamp plan is quite generous and works well if your main purpose is adding a voiceover to a video. If you need to upgrade, it will cost $12 per month.

As the name suggests, the voiceovers generated using Resemble AI resembles that of humans. The tool stands out due to a number of features.

The first of these is the speech-to-speech feature. This allows you to upload your voice and convert it into an AI one. Similarly, you can use Voice Cloning to generate your own AI voices that resonate with your brand. And the Localize feature dubs your voice in a foreign language.

Although you can add multiple effects and emotions, it has some pre-made templates for generating voices for advertisements, helpdesk, and dialogue. Resemble AI has a Basic and a Pro plan. The basic plan uses the pay-as-you-go model and costs $0.006 per second. The Pro plan requires a price quote.

Speechmax is another feature-rich voiceover generator. Besides converting text to voice, it can add background music, edit loudness, adjust the speed, and combine multiple audios. You can also add your own voice if you wish.

Besides English, Speechax supports many South-Asian languages and voices that are categorized as promotional, peppy, narration, and excited. You can export the voiceover as an MP3 file or share using a link. The free plan is quite restrictive, and the paid ones begin at $6 per month.

Maestra voiceover generator supports 30 languages. Thanks to its simple editor, you can edit the text and generate dialogues using two or more voices simultaneously.

It offers a built-in option to translate text and adjust speed. There are multiple formats available to export the voice. Besides the voiceover generator, Maestra also has great transcription software for converting voice to text. Similarly, there’s an automatic subtitle generator.

Maestra offers three pricing plans. The pay-as-you package costs $10 per hour, while the Premium account costs $29 per month per user. For large organizations, there’s a custom plan.

Generate Lifelike Voiceovers

Whether you want to make promotional videos, presentations, or audiobooks, these browser-based tools let you create human-like voices. A lot of them are free, and even paid ones cost significantly less than hiring a voiceover artist.

However, these tools do not let you edit the voice much. So if you wish to edit the voiceover and adjust effects, you can record and edit your voiceovers in Adobe Premier Pro.

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