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8 Tech Careers You Can Pursue With a Communications Degree

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Communication is perhaps the most basic and necessary human interaction and relationship tool. The indispensability of this tool makes communications majors highly sought after in various fields. Consequently, obtaining a communications degree will offer you numerous career options, job progression, and great earning potential as you advance on the corporate ladder.

In this article, we provide you with the top jobs that a degree in communications can secure for you. The article also details the typical responsibilities and remuneration of these jobs to help you choose the most suitable role.

1. Technical Writer

A technical writer is a professional writer who communicates technical information using text. They draw up manuals, internal documents, or online support articles to provide detailed-oriented instruction, direction, and explanation to help users comprehend a specific product or skill.

Becoming a technical writer is not difficult if you have a communications degree. The skills you learned during your coursework will be invaluable when analyzing and understanding your readers. Additionally, you will be better at prioritizing the user experience while researching and writing topics.

Since technical writing involves communicating complex information in the simplest terms, you must be able to incorporate relevant graphics or images in your work to make it more explanatory. A writing portfolio is also important, so hiring managers can easily assess your abilities. According to Glassdoor, technical writers can earn up to $70,118 annually.

2. Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators coordinate the marketing initiatives of companies and brands. They collate data about their target demographics and monitor market trends to improve the organization’s communications.

Typically, marketing coordinators are responsible for creating reports on product performance in the market, analyzing sales data of the products, and presenting ideas to executives and clients. They also create marketing campaigns and identify and study competitors’ performance in the market.

Glassdoor figures estimate the average annual income of a marketing coordinator to be $52,098. You should also note that working as a marketing coordinator can be your ticket to becoming an advertising manager, brand manager, or product marketing manager.

3. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are instrumental in promoting an organization’s goods and services. These professionals implement and execute strategic marketing plans to lead and influence how customers perceive a brand. This perception ultimately raises awareness and increases demand for the products and services.

The responsibilities of a marketing manager include developing creative briefs to meet advertising objectives and collating market insights to influence strategies and increase customer conversions. A marketing manager can specialize in brand, digital, affiliate, or product marketing for a better expertise. The average income of these professionals is $79,006, according to Glassdoor.

4. Social and Digital Media Content Creator

A social and digital media content creator is a person who creates written content, informational resources, graphics, videos, and photography and uploads them on social media and other digital platforms. As a content creator, you will be responsible for creating and publishing text, audio, and video content on social media to generate traffic.

While having a communications degree can be an advantage, becoming a good content creator involves many more things. You must be familiar with SEO, have great time management, writing, and editing skills, and know how to use content management systems. Furthermore, you should be mindful of the pros and cons of social media. According to Glassdoor, social and digital media content creators earn up to $66,626 annually.

5. Business Development Manager

Business development managers liaise with sales and marketing professionals to oversee the implementation of business objectives. They are usually team leaders who delegate marketing and sales tasks to team members and meet with senior-level managers to discuss progress.

As a business development manager, effective communication is central to your role. Your responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with the sales team to reach profit goals.
  • Creating new opportunities to improve sales.
  • Maintaining client relationships.

You should also be proactive, possess excellent organizational skills, and have proven sales experience. According to Glassdoor, individuals in this field can expect an annual salary of $124,325.

6. Operations Manager

The operations manager, also known as the chief operating officer, is one of the most important people in every organization. This individual plays a key role in managing and presiding over high-level company operations.

As an operations manager, your duties will often include assisting with recruitment, providing inspired leadership, overseeing budgeting, planning, auditing, and reporting. On top of that, you are in charge of promoting company culture, ensuring that legal documents comply with laws, and making planning, policy, and strategy decisions.

According to Glassdoor, operations managers can enjoy an average salary of $101,612 yearly. However, they can earn more than this figure if they possess higher-level skills such as understanding planning, strategy, policy, and leadership and the ability to implement and review procedures and policies.

7. IT Support Specialist

An information technology support specialist is a member of the IT support team in an organization. If you work in this role, you’ll likely be responsible for providing technical help to team members with computer systems issues. Your work also includes ensuring the integrity, security, and smooth running of the organization’s IT and network systems and operations following its policies.

The IT support job description features monitoring and maintaining computer systems, installing and configuring hardware, replacing or repairing necessary equipment, providing technical support, and testing new technology. Glassdoor suggests that these professionals can expect an annual salary close to $50,000 if they possess great written and oral communication skills, problem-solving, a keen eye for detail, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills.

8. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are business experts that gather statistical data to find insights into potential customer behaviors, competitors, and markets. The scope of their research covers multiple areas, including customers, market brands, and campaigns. They also conduct primary and secondary research to collect qualitative and quantitative data, solicit responses, and evaluate these to determine consumer behavior.

Although various organizations may have unique responsibilities for market research analysts, your work in this role will typically include mobilizing data collection tools, analyzing data sets, communicating research findings, conducting brand research, and conducting product testing.

To become a market research analyst, you must be an excellent communicator with statistical analysis, data visualization, critical thinking skills, and proficiency in one or more programming languages. According to Glassdoor, these professionals earn an average salary of $69,564.

Leverage Your Communications Degree to Start Building a Career

Communication is an integral part of every organization’s marketing and publicity. The job growth for communication professionals is increasing rapidly, making them one of the most in-demand experts in the labor market.

These roles are not only relevant in society, but also rewarding with high wages, career progression, and job satisfaction. If you have a communications degree, you can also enjoy these benefits by choosing any of the roles above and launching your career.

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