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8 Useful Messengers Kids Features for Parents

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Messenger Kids is a highly-controlled app for kids to socialize. It has exciting features like group chats, video calls, filters, and games.

We get that this app is good for kids, but do parents get to control the app and keep a check on their kids’ activities?

We will dive into all the valuable features for parents on Messenger Kids. Let’s find out if this app is worth a shot for you.

1. Take a Look at Your Kid’s Chat History

Children can use Messenger Kids to connect with their social circle individually and in a group chat. As a parent, there is a natural curiosity to know what your little ones are up to. Fortunately, Messenger Kids allows parents to go through their child’s chat history.

Messenger Kids also lets you check who your kids have been calling and for how long. Parents have access to conversations and calling history for up to 30 days. So, if you want to have a word with your little one, there is plenty of time to do that.

This feature is incredible for your kid’s safety. It lets you confirm that your kids are talking to the right people as they’re growing up.

Kids also have various reasons to block certain friends and family. They might even do so because of being bullied by someone on the app. The good news is that Messenger Kids allows parents to review the blocking sessions performed on the app.

The dashboard’s notification panel lets you see the people your child has reported and blocked. This feature is not just helpful to counter any bullies and online harassment but also helps you understand your kid better and build a bond with them. Consider this a live update session of your child’s block and unblock activities.

When you start with Messenger Kids, it requests access to the camera and photo library. Kids like to share stuff with their friends. With access to image and video sharing in Messenger Kids, parents can monitor whether their child is sharing personal media with the right people.

For instance, you don’t want them sending personal home selfies to their teacher in a group chat. Apart from this, the image and video log enable parents to ensure that the media is child-friendly and appropriate.

Messenger Kids also lets parents remove anything that seems ostentatious. This little peek provides an excellent observation regarding your child’s company. You will know whose parents to call (with proofs) if needed.

4. Manage Your Child’s App Time

Children nowadays are hooked to their mobile and television devices. This can lead to social media addiction. If you feel your children spend much time on Messenger Kids, consider enabling Sleep Mode.

You can set separate time duration for weekdays and weekends, so the children can also focus on other activities. Kids have no way to access the app when Sleep Mode is enabled. Only the parent or guardian can control it from their Facebook account.

5. Add Friends of Choice

With security concerns arising, parents are now highly vigilant about who their kids talk to and are friends with. For that reason, Messenger Kids give parents complete control over their kid’s friend list on Messenger Kids. As per the app’s policy, you can let your children choose their friends or do it yourself.

We recommend starting by choosing their friends and who gets access to your children. As they learn to use the app responsibly, you may give them the essential freedom to pick their friends with regular evaluation.

Apart from this, you can decide if your children’s friends can see their friend list. Middle-school children might want their friends to have list access, so they can create groups and play games. On the flip side, little ones with a few friends might not require this feature.

6. Log Out of Devices

Logging in from different devices is a bit confusing and sometimes comes with a potential security breach. From your parent dashboard on Messenger Kids, you can access all the devices your children might be using.

Go to Controls and navigate to Log Out of Devices. Then, choose the device you wish to remove. It can be any device your kid does not use anymore.

It is worth mentioning that logging out of a device is not similar to Sleep Mode. You cannot revoke your child’s current access to the app by logging out of it. They can log back in and continue the session if Sleep Mode is turned off.

7. Download Your Children’s Information

Facebook allows users to download their information and media. You can also access your child’s Messenger Kids information by downloading it through your app.

This information provides you with a deep analysis of your kid’s activities. Children get notified through the app when you request this information. It is a bit of caution for them, and they will try to follow your rules if they aren’t already.

Cybercrimes related to clicking unknown links are uncountable, and the risk increases even more if your child has a curious mind and likes to look up things. There are sites to confirm the safety of links, but they can be confusing for children.

From account hacking to device hijacking and access to personal data, you can avoid many things by limiting links on Messenger Kids. The app gives you three choices regarding links. So, pick one that matches your kid’s maturity level and understanding.

Keep Your Kids Entertained With the Right Safety Protocols

Messenger Kids is an evolving platform that facilitates parents of pre-teens to socialize with their friends and family. It is natural for parents to be concerned about their children’s online activities.

With Messenger Kids, you can easily access your kid’s activities, chats, messages, and even calls. Also, parents decide who they can add as friends—to protect them from cyberbullying and harassment attempts—and when it’s time to use the app.

Although Messenger Kids is a helpful app designed to control your little one’s online activities, it is vital to use the correct settings to obtain the best benefits.

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