Can You Download Safari on Windows?

You can get a taste of the macOS browser on Windows, but downloading it might not be a great idea.

Safari is one of the most popular web browsers available, and the default browser on most Apple devices. Any macOS user switching to Windows struggles to use a different browser. Likewise, some Windows users may want to try Safari on their Windows devices. However, can Windows users also download Safari?

In this article, we’ll explain whether you can download Safari for Windows, how to do so, and what limitations you’ll have to deal with.

Can You Download Safari on Windows?

Apple has stopped offering Safari updates for Windows users since the release of Safari 5.1.7 in 2012. As a result, you can only use Safari 5.1.7 or earlier versions on Windows.

Safari versions after 5.1.7 are limited to iOS and macOS users. Consequently, Windows users cannot use the latest Safari versions.

How to Download Safari on Windows

Safari 5.1.7 is still available for Windows, but it’s pretty outdated. And as we listed in our reasons to update your browser, keeping it updated is crucial for your security. So, it’s not a good idea to download it.

Still, if you’d like to try it, head to the Uptodown website and download Safari. After downloading, you can install it on your device and begin using it.

Know the Risks Before Downloading Safari 5.1.7 for Windows

We have shown you how to use Safari 5.1.7 on Windows, but take note of the security risks. Due to its security risks, Safari 5.1.7 doesn’t merit being a Windows go-to browser. In addition, its interface is quite outdated, and its features are pretty limited, so it isn’t worth trying.

Instead, you should check out other options, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera GX, and many others, which offer the latest versions for Windows users, ensuring their privacy and security.

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