Can You Use the PS4 PlayStation Camera on a PS5?

Wondering if you can use the PS4 camera with a PS5? This is a valid question if you’ve upgraded to the newer console and have a PlayStation Camera from your PS4, or want an alternative to the PS5’s HD Camera.

Let’s look at whether the older camera accessory works with your new PlayStation, and what you need to know to use it.

Can You Use the PS4 Camera on PS5?

Yes, the PlayStation Camera, which was designed for the PS4, will work with a PS5. However, you can’t connect the PS4 Camera directly to your PS5, because it uses a proprietary connection port that the PS5 lacks.


How Do I Use the PS4 Camera on My PS5?

You’ll need an adapter to connect your PlayStation Camera to a standard USB port on your PS5. You have two options for this.

The first is free: PlayStation will send you an adapter at no charge if you own a PlayStation VR. Head to the PlayStation Camera Adaptor request page to walk through the process.

This requires you to enter the serial number from your PS VR unit, which is found on the back of the processing box. Once you’ve completed the form with your shipping information, PlayStation will send you the needed adapter for free.

If you don’t have a PS VR but still want to use the PS Camera with your PS5 for some reason, you can buy a similar adapter. Plauduct’s PS4 Camera Adapter is a fine option.

Either way, use the adapter to connect the original PlayStation Camera to your PS5. Then you can use the supported features of the camera, such as capturing video of yourself while streaming or enjoying the original PS VR headset on PS5.

How Does the PlayStation HD Camera Compare?

If you’re comparing your camera options for a PS5, you have two options: the older PlayStation Camera designed for PS4, and the newer PlayStation HD Camera designed for PS5.

Importantly, the PlayStation HD Camera is not compatible with PlayStation VR. Thus, if you want a camera for VR, you must buy the older PS Camera and use the adapter as discussed above.

Aside from VR, the primary reason to get either camera for your PS5 is to show yourself while streaming. If this is what you’re aiming for, go with the PlayStation HD Camera. It has a higher recording resolution and background removal features that make for a better streaming experience.

If you don’t stream or play VR, there’s no reason to own either camera for your PS5. The PlayStation Camera has other uses on PS4, like signing in with facial recognition and using its microphone for room-wide party chat. But those features don’t work with the PS5 Camera (or the PS4 Camera on PS5), leaving few benefits for PS Camera owners on PS5.

The upcoming PlayStation VR2 will not require a camera, as it has cameras inside the unit. If you’re waiting for Sony’s newer VR headset, you don’t need to purchase either camera.

The PlayStation Camera: For Streaming and VR

As we’ve seen, while the PS4 PlayStation Camera works with the PlayStation 5, its uses are limited to PlayStation VR and streaming.

In summary: if you have an original PS VR headset and want to use it on PS5, you should claim your free adapter and enjoy VR on PS5. If you want to stream and don’t have PS VR, the PlayStation HD Camera is a higher-quality option.

Otherwise, you shouldn’t bother purchasing an adapter for your PlayStation Camera or buying the HD Camera. They don’t offer you anything more, and won’t be required for PS VR2.

If you’re interested in VR in the meantime, the Meta Quest 2 might be a good fit for you.

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