Charge Up to 12 Devices Simultaneously With the Growatt Infinity 1500 Portable Power Station

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Growatt specializes in developing and offering products that focus on sustainable energy generation.

Now, they bring to the table a new, portable power station; the Infinity 1500 solar generator. It’s perfect for outdoor adventures, as an emergency backup source, or simply for power whenever and wherever you need it.

Let’s take a look at what the Growatt Infinity 1500 has to offer.

Fast Charging, Large Capacity, and a Plethora of Outlets

Portable power stations often seem like a great idea, but on paper, they can lack the power that makes them worth investing in. That’s where the Infinity 1500 comes in, and that’s how it changes the market.

This portable beast of a machine packs a giant capacity of 1512Wh and up to 2000W output. In real-world terms, that means you could charge a smartphone 132 times over, power a Wi-Fi router for up to 53 hours, or a 30W camping light for over 40 hours. Regardless of whether you’re camping, or having a backyard barbecue at home, the Infinity 1500 can keep your devices and appliances powered up. There are two USB-A, two USB-C, and two fast charge USB-A ports, while on the side, there are four 2000W AC outputs, one car port, and on the other side, there is an 800W solar/vehicle input, a 1500W AC input, and overload protection. In total, there are 12 ports allowing you to charge up to 12 devices simultaneously with continuous throughput, making it perfect for almost any use.

Once you’ve fully drained the battery, the Infinity 1500 can be recharged using fast charging—around 2 hours u1234sing the wall charger. The wall charger uses bidirectional inversion technology which enables it to fully charge within 2 hours, or 80% in 1 hour if you’re strapped for time.

Alternatively, if you want to make the most of the sunshine and charge the portable power station using solar energy, this can be achieved in just 2.5 hours. Since the Infinity 1500 supports up to 800W solar input, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to solar panels. So, if you’re outdoors and there’s plenty of sunlight, you can keep your portable power station charged up while it charges or powers up your devices; a much greener approach to conserving energy. But, it doesn’t stop there. You can also charge the Infinity 1500 in-car using a 12V/24V input, or with your electric car’s EV charger.

Using the MyGro app, you can also monitor and control the Infinity 1500 portable power station remotely. And, if you have any issues with the portable power station or the app, customer support is on hand whenever you need it.

Uninterruptible Home Backup

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an important device for any home or business. If you encounter a power outage, no matter how big or small, the results can be catastrophic, as well as inconvenient. A UPS will kick in when the power goes out, keeping your devices powered or charged until the power is restored.

Whether you’d rather avoid the inconvenience or work from home, the Infinity 1500 boasts a fast switchover of less than 20ms, ensuring you have access to reliable power when the grid cuts off.

Better yet, you can connect up to three Infinity 1500 units to get triple the uninterrupted power and triple the capacity. That equates to 4536Wh, which is undeniably powerful and useful.

What You Can Use the Growatt Infinity 1500 For

Weighing in at just over 36 pounds; the Infinity 1500 is one of Growatt’s most portable power stations despite packing 2000W of power. It’s an ideal way to keep your important devices charged at home, or away.

Let’s say you’re off on a camping trip; think about all the things you’d need to power, or would feel lost without. Items like your smartphone, portable lighting, emergency equipment, or even an electric stove. All of these things need power, which is how the Infinity 1500 can be useful. That’s not to say you need to turn your off-road adventure into an all-mod-cons trip, it’s just far more convenient to have power when you need it the most.

But that’s not where the conveniences stop. Growatt’s Infinity 1500 portable power station can be used in many scenarios, including road trips, for drone or photography users, or even as a home backup system during power outages.

Why You Should Consider the Infinity 1500

Aside from the obvious, the Infinity 1500 is a much more eco-friendly alternative to noisy generators that are likely to produce pollution. It provides quiet, clean, and efficient energy that can be taken with you wherever you go, whether you’re on the road, prepping for an emergency, at home, or just enjoying the outdoors.

Since the Infinity 1500 can power 95% of home appliances, it’s a sensible choice when it comes to versatility and convenience thanks to its 12 outlets and fast charging within just 2 hours. This means you won’t be caught short if your portable power station is low on battery as you can charge it quickly via the wall charger, or using sunlight for solar charging.

With fuel prices at an all-time high, investing in a portable power source is a no-brainer, and what better way to jump on the bandwagon than by opting for a clean energy solution.

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