Easy Upcycled Denim Heart Sachet

Looking for a fun and easy upcycling project? This cute little denim heart sachet is perfect for filling with potpourri, lavender, or any other aromatherapy blend, or even just stuffing. It’s a great way to use up old denim jeans that you no longer wear, and it makes a sweet and thoughtful gift for friends and family.

round wood board with denim and gold heart sachet in center

Denim Heart Sachet

I love adding a little sachet into a gift basket. It’s just a fun addition that can be used as an ornament, sprayed with essential oils and tucked into a drawer, or just a little knick-knack to display. They are the perfect gift for anyone on your list! They’re unique, personal, and affordable. Plus, they’re easy to make – even if you don’t have any crafting experience.

You can use any color of denim that you want to create a sachet that perfectly matches the personality of the recipient. And since these sachets are made from upcycled denim, you can feel good about giving something special that also helps the environment. Take it a step further and gift this with a list of these potpourri simmering pot ideas, or alongside a bottle of wine in this denim wine bottle cover.

woman holding a denim heart with gold chain and buttons

What Should I Stuff a Sachet With?

There are so many different ways to stuff this denim heart sachet. You can use stuffing like you would for a pillow to make it soft and squishy if you want to go the classic route. Another option is to use plastic pellets inside this heart. These are the type of beads that you find in stuffed animals.

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I love to add small amounts of essential oils to make it smell good as well. You can add this in the stuffing or on the pellets. If you forget, you can always add them to the outside.

You can also stuff it with things like potpourri or lavender to make it into an aromatherapy sachet.
If you are trying to use more recycled materials, you can cut the leftover denim into confetti-type pieces and use that to fill the sachet. Other fabrics will also work for the same thing.

denim heart on table with fake plants and fake pink and white paper flowers

What Can This Be Used For?

Now that you have made one, what can you use it for? Well, this is one of those things that is super versatile. Below are some common uses for a sachet that you can consider when making your own from denim.

  • Add some potpourri on the inside and use it as an air freshener.
  • Sprinkle with essential oils or perfume and place it into your clothing storage to keep things smelling nice.
  • Make it a bit smaller and then you can glue or sew on a keychain and use to keep track of your keys in your purse or backpack.
  • Hang on the rearview mirror in your car as a sa fun decoration. Just make sure it isn’t an obstruction to your view and that your state doesn’t have any regulations against items hanging there.
  • Hang on your holiday tree as a personalized ornament. This is great for gifting as part of a holiday basket.
  • Make them smaller and add them as part of a party favor at a bridal shower or wedding reception.
  • Add a carabiner or similar hook to them and use them to hang on a purse or backpack as a fun decoration.

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Gift them to others in a gift basket or to use as a holiday ornament. They can even just be tucked into a drawer in your own dresser or wardrobe to add a nice scent to clothing.

denim heart sachet on light blue surface with white lace

Do I Have to Use a Sewing Machine to Make This?

Using a sewing machine can make it easier to sew this denim heart sachet but you do not have to have one. You can easily sew this by hand. Even if you have very little experience sewing. It is that easy to make. A simple stitch is all you need to seal this and keep the stuffing inside.

However, if you are making several of these, having access to a sewing machine can make the process much easier to manage and much faster.

denim heart on table with ring light

Supplies Needed

denim, lace, and a heart box on white table

How to Make a Denim Sachet

Begin by deciding how large you want your heart to be, then cut a piece of denim from a pair of blue jeans that is slightly larger than that. Then, lay a heart-shaped item (such as a box or cookie cutter) on top of the denim and trace around it. If you want it that exact size, then trace about 1/2″ wider around the outside.

blue pen being used to trace around small heart shaped box onto denim

Repeat this by cutting a second heart of the same size then stack them so that the outsides are facing each other, and both sides are the interior of the denim.

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Now, sew around the outside edge of the heart leaving a 1/2″ to 1″ opening on one side.

woman at black sewing machine with denim

Turn the heart inside out, then carefully stuff the inside with the cotton batting or cotton balls. If you want to add essential oils to the inside, now is the time to add to the cotton interior.

woman turning denim heart right side out

Then, sew the opening closed.

Now, choose some adornments to go on the outside and attach a chain or charm on one side.

Then add a button on the top and bottom of the chain.

hand holding denim heart sachet with gold button

And attach a few buttons in a cluster on the opposite side.

Add a “handle” by cutting a piece of ribbon and folding it into a loop then gluing it to the top of the heart where it dips downward.

purple background behind denim heart sachet with gold accents

More Easy Denim Crafts

Grab that basket of old worn-out blue jeans and rather than throw them out, put them to use in your crafting corner! Cut apart blue jeans and create all sorts of things from purses to flowers. Below are some super easy and fun ideas to put your old denim to use! Make sure that you bookmark these ideas, print out the tutorials, or pin them to a favorite board on Pinterest.

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Yield: 1

denim heart on table with fake plants and fake pink and white paper flowers

Create an upcycled denim heart sachet as a perfect way to add a lovely fragrance to your wardrobe or as a fun gift for friends and family!

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


  1. Cut a leg off of a pair of blue jeans and remove the seam. Then, lay a heart-shaped item on top, or trace a heart onto the denim. Repeat for two heart shapes, and then cut those out. black scissors cutting denim
  2. Now, stack them on top of each other, front to the front so it is “inside out”, and sew around the heart leaving about 1″ open on one side. denim heart being sewn by black sewing machine
  3. Turn this inside out, and stuff it with the pillow stuffing or cotton balls. hands stuffing cotton inside small denim heart
  4. Now, sew that open space together to seal.
  5. Once the heart is sewn in place, you can then sew a gold chain or charm along one side of the sachet. gold chain being sewn onto denim heart
  6. Glue a gold button at the top and bottom of the chain. blueglue gun adding button onto denim heart
  7. Then glue a few buttons on the other side of the heart in a cluster.
  8. Finally cut and fold a piece of ribbon into a loop and glue on the top, in the center where the heart dips. gold ribbon loop being glued onto top of heart sachet heart sachet with denim cover and gold accents beign held in hands


This sachet can be made using any fabric if you prefer something other than denim.

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woman holding heart ornament made of denim

This is a perfect addition to a gift basket or even just to hang on a holiday tree!

denim heart sachet laying on floral blue and green background

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