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Ewin Ergonomic Computer Chair and RGB Desk Review

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The Ewin Knight gaming chair and its sidekick, the Ewin RGB desk, make a great first impression. The desk’s RGB lights flash in bright rainbow colors when plugged into an active audio source. Unfortunately, since the LED light strips sit on the side of the desk’s top and legs, you can’t see them when you’re sitting at your desk. The chair will comfort you with cushioned armrests and support pillows for your neck and lower back. And when you get tired of working or gaming, just tilt it back 155° and take a nap right in your office.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic gaming chair
  • Carbon fiber style gaming desk
  • Chair features comprehensive tilt options and height adjustments
  • Desk features RGB light effects triggered by audio input

  • Upholstery Material: PVC leather, high density cold-cure foam padding
  • Color(s): Black and your choice of pink, white, blue, grey, or red
  • Adjustability: Yes: seat, armrests, backrest
  • Brand: Ewin
  • Desk Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Desk Surface Dimensions: 48 x 26.8 inches (120 x 68cm)
  • Desk Adjustability: Legs: no, feet: yes, 30 inches (75cm) total height
  • Desk Extras: Wireless charger, USB-A port, cable grommet, headphone hook, cup holder, RGB lights
  • Chair Extras: Head pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Chair Weight Capacity: Up to 400 LBS (181kg)
  • Chair Height Recommendation: 5’3”-6’1” (160-185cm)

  • Chair backrest tilts back up to 155°
  • Desk features wireless charger and USB-A charging port
  • Desk is easy to assemble
  • Chair comes with removable head and lumbar support pillows

  • Chair assembly might require help
  • Chair seat quickly feels warm
  • Desktop is made from plywood with plastic veneer
  • Both products are quite expensive

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E-Win Knight Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair and RGB Gaming Desk

When you spend hours each day at your desk, it better be comfortable. And it wouldn’t hurt if it was nice to look at, too. That’s where office furniture from gaming-focused brands literally shines.

I got to review an ergonomic chair and an RGB lighting desk made by Ewin. Did I like it more than my cheap IKEA desk and Amazon office chair combo, and is it worth the gaming premium? Let’s find out—and at the end of this review, you can enter to win a set for yourself!

The Ewin Knight Series Ergonomic Computer Chair

The Ewin Knight series gaming or office chair is made from high-density cold-cure foam that’s wrapped in PVC leather. Ewin says the foam nearly resembles memory foam, which made me worry it would be too soft, but I found it to be comfortably stiff. The chair comes in five different color options: black with pink, white, blue, gray, or red.

What’s in the Box

In the box, you’ll find the following parts:

  • Seat, pre-assembled with armrests
  • Backrest with head and lumbar support pillows
  • Swivel chair base without wheels
  • A small box with additional parts:
    • Instruction manual
    • White gloves
    • Wheels
    • Gas lift
    • Tilt control
    • Screws and Allen wrenches
    • Various decorative plastic parts

My box came thoroughly banged up. One of the plastic parts covering the spring on the side of the seat was broken. Ewin offered to ship a replacement part, but I declined since it turned out to be an easy fix with a soldering iron.

How to Assemble the Chair

The instruction manual that came with my chair was in Spanish, but I was able to put it together based on the pictures alone. Note that the order of the steps shown in the manual switches from line to line, first moving left to right, then right to left, then in reverse again, and so on. Follow the red arrows, and you’ll be fine.

Other reviewers mentioned needing help with the setup, but if you have experience putting furniture together, it won’t be that hard. None of the parts are overly heavy, and the first few steps are relatively easy. The two most challenging steps are installing the wheels and mounting the chair onto its wheeled base.

The trick for the wheels is to wiggle them around and use ample pressure until they slide into place. The first one is the hardest.

To mount the fully assembled chair onto its base, you can recruit a helper to lift the heavy top unit onto its base; that’s what the instruction manual suggests.

lternatively, lay the chair onto its backrest, attach the much lighter wheeled base to the bottom of the seat, then slowly tilt the whole chair forward, initially resting on two wheels, until you’ve got it standing upright on all five wheels. After trying to blindly lift the chair onto its base a couple of times, the alternative approach worked like a charm for me.

Ewin Knight Features

If you’ve ever used an office chair, this one won’t hold many surprises. There’s one feature, however, that you won’t want to live without.

What’s pretty standard is that you can adjust the chair’s height using the L-shaped lever at its bottom right. When you pull it up while you sit on it, the chair will go down. To make the chair go up, remove your weight as you pull the lever up.

When you pull that same L-shaped lever to the right, you release the seat tilt lock. This allows you to tilt the seat or rock back and forth. If the tilt seems rather stiff, find the tilt tension control knob underneath the seat and turn it to loosen the tilt. Even at its loosest, I thought the tilt was still too stiff, meaning I couldn’t sit with the seat tilted back, nor can you lock it in this position.

The armrests are shaped ergonomically and cushioned, but firm. Each contains a lever, which, when pulled up, lets you change the armrest’s height.

Finally, the chair’s best feature, is a lever at seat height, behind the armrest on the right side, that lets you tilt the backrest. In the Ewin Knight Series, you can tilt the backrest to a full 155°, which is just 25° short of creating a completely flat surface with the seat. This is a great feature if you enjoy napping, and it’s surprisingly stable.

Is the Ewin Knight Comfortable?

Yes and no. The seat, backrest, and armrests are suitable for my height, which is within the 5’3” to 6’1” (160-185cm) recommended by Ewin, and perfectly comfortable. I love how far the backrest tilts back. The chair should support you as long as you weigh 400 LBS (181kg) or less. If you’re heavier than that, look into the FlashXL series, which supports up to 550 LBS (250kg).

I removed the lumbar support pillow, as it felt like it was in the way. The head or neck support pillow is a nice touch. However, you shouldn’t be significantly taller or shorter than me, though the exact height will depend on your upper body length. You could also remove the neck support pillow.

As mentioned above, the foam padding used for this chair is rather firm, which I thought was pretty comfortable. The PVC leather that’s covering the foam is pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. What brought some discomfort, however, was sitting on the chair during warm summer weather. The combination of firm foam and a PVC cover means that your sweaty skin will stick to the chair. Even if sweat isn’t an issue, the seat does get quite warm. This could be an upside if you prefer cozy seats.

Will the Wheels Damage Your Floors?

Ewin promises that its PU-coated casters will roll smoothly and quietly on all types of flooring without causing damage. I could only test the chair on hardwood plank flooring and haven’t found any issues with it. The casters are indeed reasonably quiet and didn’t seem to cause any damage. If you’re going to use the chair on a softer wood surface, laminate, or carpet, however, I would recommend using a suitable floor mat for your chair.

The Ewin 2.0 RGB Computer Desk

The Ewin desk features a solid plywood desktop with a thin carbon fiber style veneer and RGB lighting strips built into its fixed vertical metal legs, as well as the desktop’s left and right sides.

What’s in the Box?

The desk came in its own box, which looked much better than the chair’s, and everything was intact. These are the parts:

  • Desktop with pre-mounted light strips, wires, a cable grommet, and a wireless charger
  • Two legs
  • Four feet
  • Cup holder
  • Headphone holder
  • Screws and an Allen wrench
  • Giant single-page instruction manual

How to Assemble the Desk

The desk is much easier to assemble than the chair. And thanks to its extra large instruction manual, you can see all the steps at a glance. Before you can start, however, you need to open the box.

Carefully cut through the packing tape, then lay the box flat on the floor with the lid facing up. When you open the lid, you can remove all the parts, while keeping the desktop in the box until you’re done with the installation.

The trickiest part of setting up the table is connecting all the wires, which actually is straightforward, too. You’ll want to place the table close to a wall socket or mount a power strip to its crossbar, as both the wireless charger and the RGB lights require a USB-A power source. Also note that a USB wall adapter is not included, as Ewin expects you to plug them into your desktop computer.

Notably, the grommets and screw holes reveal that the desk’s plate is made from plywood and covered with a thin carbon-fiber-style veneer.

Ewin RGB Gaming Desk Features

At 48 inches (120cm) wide and 26.8 inches (68cm) deep, the desk provides ample space for up to two monitors, as well as your standard office accessories. If you’d rather keep your desk clear, the top is solid and thick enough to clamp monitor arms to it.

The desk’s adjustable feet let you correct for an uneven surface so that you’ll always have a rock-solid surface to work with. Note, however, that this is not a standing desk, so you can’t easily adjust its height. Since its fixed vertical legs rest on two wide floor supports, you also can’t use standard bed risers to prop it up and make it taller.

To hide cables, you can run them through the grommet, which in my case was installed on the left side. The similar-looking contraption on the other side contains a wireless charger and USB-A charging port. Theoretically, you can swap the cable grommet with the wireless charger, if that makes more sense for your setup, but I wasn’t able to remove the cable grommet without tools.

If you’ve properly hooked up all the wires underneath the table and found a power source for the USB-A cables, plug in your speakers or headphones, then play sound to trigger the RGB light effects.

Is the Desk Comfortable?

The desktop of the review unit we received was perfectly level and didn’t feature the 5° ergonomic incline advertised with similar Ewin models. Nevertheless, it was comfortable.

Since it’s not a standing desk, you can’t adjust the height, meaning you’ll have to make do with adjusting the height of your chair. I thought the slight indent at the front was a nice touch, though I don’t think it makes a big difference in terms of comfort.

While the desk works well with a mouse, I didn’t like the scratchy sound of my mouse running across the carbon fiber surface, so I decided to use a mouse pad anyway.

The screw holes for the headphone hook and cup holder are on the front left and right sides of the desk. To keep them out of the way, I would’ve preferred to mount them on the left or right side. Since the desktop is plywood at its core, you could theoretically drill additional holes to change the position of these accessories.

While it’s probably not meant to be used in that way, you can technically rotate the headphone hook to the back, so that your headphones end up under the desk, rather than sticking out on the front. In that position, however, you can’t remove them, as there’s not enough space for the headband to pass between the hook and the desk.

Should You Buy the Ewin Knight Computer Chair or RGB Desk?

The Ewin computer desk and chair are two separate products. Both appear to be well-made and largely deliver on the manufacturer’s promises. As is common with gaming equipment, they fetch a premium.

The chair is comfortable and easy to operate. If you like rocking back and forth, the seat tilt might be too stiff for you. I imagine that the generous space between the Ewin’s seat and the side cushions could be a dust and dirt magnet, but thanks to its PVC leather covering the chair is easy to clean. What I love is the chair’s ergonomically designed armrests and the 155° backrest tilt, which is great for naps. If you prefer to stay cool, however, you should probably skip gaming chairs altogether and go with a mesh office chair like the Flexispot Soutien.

The desk is functional and lovely to look at. You’ll appreciate the generous surface, the cable grommet, and the wireless charger. The carbon fiber veneer works great with a mouse, but I guarantee you, you’ll still want to use a mouse pad as it feels and sounds so much better. Admittedly, the RGB light effect is a neat feature, but you can’t really see it while you’re sitting at your desk. If you’re getting this to look cool on your video streams, I’d recommend it. Otherwise, look elsewhere for something that’s less flashy and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. This Eureka Ergonomic desk, for example, has similar features, is much wider, and lets you adjust its height, all for a much lower price. Likewise, this Seven Warrior gaming desk comes in a selection of sizes and features a built-in power strip and an RGB mouse pad that you’ll actually be able to see. Look into height-adjustable standing desks, in case sitting too much is a concern.


Q: How Are Gaming Chairs and Desks Different From Regular Office Furniture?

When you buy a gaming chair or desk, it’ll be flashier than your regular office furniture. Ewin’s choice of products is no different. The chairs come in various color schemes, the desks feature RGB lights, and various other gimmicks. In the end, whether you choose one or the other is a matter of taste.

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